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You know how ‘they’ say that our bodies essentially renew every 7 years? This may not be exact science (says the internet), BUT, I will tell you that it’s been 11 years since I’ve written in this particular notebook – and I do 100% feel like a completely different person. Down to the last cell.

I used to write here every day. And then I stopped in January, 2011. It was because of my corporate job and all that went along with it. But that’s a novel for another time. 

Anywho, everything from 2011 and earlier is an essay. I loved writing the Writing Roads blog. It literally fed my soul – no cliche intended. There was something about writing in the back end of WordPress that was magical for me. And so I’m keeping it all here. You and I both can time travel by reading those essays.

Now, after this feral multi-year leap, I’m back. I won’t be writing every day. But I will be writing. This is my notebook – so it’s literally my poems, essays, stories, thoughts. My own writing that I write for me and gleefully share with you.

Come on in.