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Julie has a gift. Each time she coaches me, I come out with a massive shift in awareness that leads to freedom. Her vast experience in corporate, combined with her sharp intuition, deep knowledge of buddhist philosophy, and coaching expertise creates a cocoon of safety that allows her clients to open up during sessions and find the deeper truths within themselves. I've referred family and friends to Julie and continue to do so. I highly recommend working with her, not only to be transformed by the magnetism of Julie, but to also find yourself in the process.
– Hannah

I will never forget my first session with Julie. I was video calling from my phone sitting in the front seat of my boyfriend’s car a block away from my office. I came into that session, and most likely in the subsequent sessions, like an F5 tornado. Yet, Julie sat comfortably in the eye of the storm. We were introduced because I sought guidance in my career and life goals. At the beginning of our conversations, I would come in with quantitative and “SMART” goals ready to start the next chapter of my life “right”. But then Julie asked, “ok, well how does this goal ******feel****** in your body?” Logically I understood the concept of tapping into your nervous system to use your body as a compass, but I didn’t actually know *how* to do it.

I struggle with intense anxiety, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, and an unnourished mind. So most of the time I felt like I couldn’t trust my gut or my own judgment. Julie’s warm demeanor and attentiveness created a safe space for me to sort out my thoughts, identify + feel my emotions, and reflect on the bigger picture. Before Julie, I felt lost, confused, and exposed like my back was against a brick wall blinded by a bright klieg light. Now during our sessions, Julie has helped me separate my anxious thoughts from reality, and reignite my spirit of wonder, curiosity, and excitement. She’s guided me through uncharted forests with cognitive reframing, question prompts, guided mediation, and so much more. We’re working through rebalancing and finding ways that nourish my mind, body, and spirit, and I have never been more eager to experience life through this new lens!
– Jessica

A dear friend introduced me to Julie, and it's the best gift I've been given all year. I relish the days I know I'll speak to Julie. She's always a bright spot and I always, always feel better and have a plan forward.

How has Julie helped me? First, I have a monkey mind that she's taught me to accept and love. Second, she truly gets you on the path of joy. When I talk to Julie, I feel her curiosity, creativity, and fascination immediately and that already is uplifting. Then I marvel at the way she listens to me, like nobody else. With artistry, intelligence, and intuition, Julie uses her well-honed skills to challenge me, in the kindest way possible.

I recently moved, modified my working conditions, and shepherded my daughter to a new high school and son to college. I was looking for a new community, direction, and focus both professionally and personally.

Julie helped me find my way through these changes and gain a deeper understanding about myself to help myself and thrive. An added bonus: my joy has rubbed off on those around me.

I went into the first session with the goal to "protect my joy" and Julie has not only used her incredible insight and active listening to help me guide myself to protecting my joy, she has helped me find new joy. She has helped me accept my many thoughts and veer them into positive, productive action. And, to simply notice my plethora of overflowing thoughts without judgement, resistance, or attachment. Julie also has fun activities and games she presents when I'm really stuck, and through visualization, laughs, and pointed questions, she opens up the doors and lets the light shine in.

I'm forever grateful for Julie's work with me.
– Molly

I came to Julie with a specific time sensitive problem to untangle. In one sessions we got to the driving issue at the root of my recurring pattern. Now I clearly see the source and am able to adjust my behavior in real time. Julie is a great coach. She guides with compassion and a keen intellect. With her on my team I can win my personal Super Bowl.
– Karina

Julie offers the exquisite gift of helping one figure out which road to take at any given life issue explored. My best friend introduced me to Julie at the same moment as my beloved mom was dying from ovarian cancer. I had spent a tumultuous year traveling through the long, windy road of fear, hope, pain, desperation, sadness, bargain-making with God and cancer doctors, and then the unbelievable experience of loss and loneliness when I started working with Julie. Julie brings the gift of calming and warm presence, along with a brilliant intellect, good smarts, and creativity. When I felt completely overwhelmed going into my coaching session, Julie set my mind to ease. I always left looking at my road with fresh eyes, new light, and strength…like holding a candle in the darkness.

I highly recommend Julie as a coach and lovely guide, as she will help you traverse through your own under-grown, overgrown, worn-out, or perfectly-meadowed woods of life.
– Susan

I’m so grateful to be able to work with Julie! Her sincere interest and warmth during our sessions put me at ease, and I always feel heard and understood in her presence. She has helped me work through limiting beliefs and thoughts that have kept me ‘stuck’ in life. Her thoughtful questions and intuitive, creative tools help me get to the heart of the matter, so I can connect with my own intuition and wisdom to see solutions and move forward. I have had incredible insights during each session with Julie. She is such a wonderful partner and guide to have along on life’s journey.
– Christine