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i am finding this fascinating…for a while


Some of you may know that I have a ‘thing’ for people who make ‘alot’ one word…ummmm, because it isn’t – ever. In the same vein…check this out:

AWHILE, adverb
for a short time : stand here awhile.
ORIGIN Old English [(for) a while.] USAGE The adverb awhile ( : we paused awhile) should be written as one word. The noun phrase, meaning ‘a period of time,’ esp. when preceded by a preposition, should be written as two words ( : Margaret rested for a while ;: we’ll be there in a while ). See also usage at worthwhile.

I’m officially a geek. Check out that USAGE section. The English language is so peculiar, so full of twists and turns. Thank goodness I’m here to keep you in the know.

(lifted from my favorite little Apple dictionary tool!)

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