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twitters beware your tweets (and your grammar & spelling)


It’s come to my attention that ‘tweeting’ can get a little bit out of control. Tweeters are sending out messages rapid-fire style from phones, blackberry’s (Blackberries? What is the plural form?) and computer keyboards documenting their lives – sometimes to thousands of followers. Words are being made up that seem to have superceded the language of the text message. But at what cost? Many of them have forgotten how to spell or be coherent, forget grammatically correct, because they have to fit it all into 140 characters – spaces included!

Question to my writer friends and grammar nuts (sometimes one in the same): do we forgive these Tweeters because they are captive to the Twitter Boundary Police? Or do we welcome them to the world of copywriting where we have to write within the confines of our clients whims (yes, this is akin to 140 characters) on a daily basis???

Jst a qestn, no judgmnt hre.

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