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Wayfinding quite simply helps you find your way.

But here’s the thing: I believe with all my heart that you already know your way – it may have been lost or obscured, or just made slightly blurry – but I know you know it, and I can help you find it.

What does it look like when you lose your way? Well, you might feel like you can’t figure out what your purpose is. You might feel like you can’t find the meaning in your day to day. You might be dissatisfied with your job or your partner or your body. You might know that things somehow got off track…but you don’t remember actually making a wrong turn (or maybe you remember that moment exactly, but can’t figure out how to get back and reroute). Maybe you just don’t feel like your best self…or like yourself at all. From the outside, you look like a million bucks – but from the inside it doesn’t feel that way.

My goal as a Wayfinder (or coach) is to help you recover your way, to shine light on the path, to remove the obstacles that are blocking your line of sight. I do this through gentle – but firm – inquiry, story, and illumination of what you tell me, but might not be able to hear. I will help you get back to your essential self so that you can explore your truth and then live it with integrity.

My teacher and the OG life coach, Martha Beck, describes Wayfinding just perfectly in her book, Steering By Starlight: “I think of myself as the behavioral equivalent of a personal trainer. A therapist, like a physician, works with unwell people to restore them to health. I work with healthy people to help them achieve maximum “fitness”– that is, well-being and quality of life.

I love this description. And I’d love to work with you if you see yourself in the words above. Please explore this site to get a deeper look into the next steps and more about me, Julie Roads.



A coaching practice that helps women find their way and create their best lives