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warning: this post is not about copywriting or marketing

By June 5, 2008June 9th, 2008How To

It’s about Sex and the City: The Movie. Though it is about writing – because an extremely talented group of writers wrote the movie and the show.

Anyway, I need to say some things:

  • The movie is fantastic. They did a great job because it could have been atrocious and terrible. But they did the show proud. It was true to form, authentic, hilarious and totally heartbreaking…I didn’t want it to end.
  • People (men from what I can tell) are being very mean to Sarah Jessica Parker – making comments about the way she looks, acts, exists. Shame on them. What is wrong with people? Are you that jealous and insecure that you have to cut this woman down for…what? Having a wildly lucrative career by being, portraying and liberating the concept of a successful, independent woman who enjoys sex, clothes and her friends? Go do something real with your life like SJP has – she’s adorable and good at what she does. Get over it.
  • People (many of them women) love Sex and the City – sorry, I mean LOVE. I happen to have a great family, many friends and a wonderful career – and I say that to add legitimacy to my next statement even for women who don’t have these things. Here it is: Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha are our friends. I looked forward to seeing them when the show was on, and I cried when it was over. I laughed with them, I sobbed with them. I catharted through them on a very regular basis. I know they were fictional characters, but their experiences – the heart of them – were real.
  • Female friendship is amazing. In my own way, I had friends like the SATC foursome in high school. We were young, but we would do anything for each other, we knew everything about each other…our relationships were so far beyond those that we had with our silly, little boyfriends. SATC shares this intimacy and it is heartening and strengthening – it sets a standard for how we should treat people. These friendships provide safety, comfort and stability in a world where none of these things are readily available.

So there it is because I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. I’m quite annoyed by people condemning the movie and acting like the show sucked. It was a ground breaker. People loved it. It practically shaped the cable TV series format. It is iconic. And the movie is excellent – and breaking records. These critics are shocked that women could actually have an impact. Seriously.

Okay, I’m done. Back to business tomorrow.

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