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don’t blog alone

By May 28, 2008June 4th, 2008How To, Networking

Now, why would you want to do that? The point of blogging is to start and be part of a conversation (and not with yourself). Successful blogs share information, provide guidance, make people think and create relationships. Blogging is networking – each blogger reaching out from their own piece of the internet.

Here’s how to not blog alone:

1. Ask questions on your blog, write as if you are having a conversation, reach out to your audience.

2. Read other blogs. What are other people blogging about – in your industry, in tangent industries, in your areas of interest?

3. Comment on other people’s blogs. Let them know you were there. Sure, they have stats that count visitors, but that is so cold and mathematical – there is nothing like hearing from real people. I have met some of the most wonderful people by starting conversations with other bloggers.

4. Spread the word. Participate in social networking and social bookmarking sites – tell us what’s good and what’s not, let your opinion be heard. Do it – if you see something good, share it…many blogs have bookmarking shortcuts right there at the end of their posts (see below for a stunning example of this technique).

5. Be nice. No one likes a negative, mean-spirited, rude, self-serving, spamming creature. If you don’t like something, that’s fine…walk away quietly and don’t come back – that’s your prerogative. You can have differing opinions, but don’t hurt people.

6. Keep writing. One of my favorite business coaches, Bonnie Marcus, talks about ‘connecting with passion and purpose’ – she’s talking about sales, but I like to apply it to blog writing/authoring. If you write with purpose about your passions, you will attract people with the same passion and purpose (or at least a good dose of respect for your passion and purpose).

7. Give good blog. Seriously, good content, real information and the pursuit of conversation and community – these things bring bloggers together.

What did I forget? You tell me, how do you not blog alone?

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