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what is a person to do without an internet connection?

By June 2, 2008How To

sorry no internet picture

I know. This is a very difficult question. One that I struggled with from Friday morning until Sunday night. The entire time that I was in New York City. I had heard that ‘The City’ was supposed to be cutting edge…hmmm, not so much. The flat where I was staying had no wireless, no cable cord.

Could I have found a Starbucks and blogged/worked from there? Yes. But I didn’t. Oh, I should mention. I found out mid-Saturday that I could unplug the phone cord from the wall and plug it into my computer. This made me laugh…and then cry a little. I passed. No internet is better than slow internet. My Macbook and I signed a no dial-up pact.

Instead, I took this golden opportunity to NOT WORK and enjoy life. Here’s what I did:

1. Walked a lot. Uptown, Downtown, All Over.

2. Realized that New York is a bit dirty…when you compare it to my home, Martha’s Vineyard. But apparently not when you compare it to 15 years ago (or so I was told over and over again).

3. Caught up with two long-lost and long-loved friends from college.

4. Took cabs that have tv’s in the back and hated the newscaster that slammed the new SATC movie…he said maybe people would like it…IF they were fans. $55.7 million, record-breaking first weekend, baby. I can’t stand insecure men.

5. Ate really good food. Think lobster tempura rolls and duck with a crispy layer of fat in a sauce so good that I couldn’t identify any of the flavors.

6. Stayed up past 1am both nights. Slept past 8. (If you know that I have two children under 3 and that they were left at home for the first time ever, you will understand that this is a big deal.)

7. Attended a fantastic benefit for bonobos…go buy a book……it’s for a good cause.

8. Saw a beautiful, stunning man brushing his teeth in just his low-slung jeans perfectly framed in his window…in Chelsea.

9. Honestly, couldn’t wait to get back home to my family, my dogs that have grass to pee on, my office and my internet connection. Pretty much in that order.

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