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the power of ‘word of mouth’

By June 13, 2008Myth or Reality


It’s Friday the 13th…again. This day, whenever it comes around, has a bad, bad wrap. Someone decided that it was a bad day, a scary day, an unlucky day. Call it superstition, call it folklore, call it a horror movie series, whatever you like.

I call it a great example of viral, or word of mouth, marketing. Doesn’t it fit the standard formula? There was an idea or thought, there was the sharing of the idea, there was hype and exaggeration, there was a tangible, excited response to the idea, movies were made, radio personalities had something to talk about (yes, I just skipped a few centuries in the history of the phrase), and over time ‘Friday the 13th’ became iconic. Every knows what it means automatically when they hear it. You don’t have to say ‘scary Friday the 13th’ or ‘unlucky Friday the 13th’…it’s like Kleenex or Google.

Get to the point, Julie. I was born on Friday the 13th. I was a scheduled c-section and my mom picked the day. And, guess what? So far, it’s been pretty damn lucky. What we hear and what we believe is not always what’s true. Obvious? Yes. But sometimes not realized.

Have a great weekend and watch what happens when you go against the flow.

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