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like your marketing collateral, part 1 (where we discuss what you need)

Enthusiasm, confidence and positive energy are contagious. That self-assured, happy person is who I want to be around – and it’s certainly who I want to work with. I can’t speak for you, but I don’t like working with depressed people who don’t really like what they do.

If you don’t like your marketing collateral, or even worse, if you are embarrassed by it, your sheepishness, your lack of aplomb and your general un-excitement will shine through and reflect on your business. When you tentatively hand over your business card or make excuses that your brochure is being redone or have to explain that soon your website will match the rest of your brand – it’s not so good. Potential clients may perceive your hesitation as a lack of interest in their product or service; they may perceive it as unprofessional.

But, before we can even begin talking about creating marketing collateral that you like, I think it is important to name which marketing pieces you should have. Here are the essentials according to moi:

1. Business Card. Make it double-sided. This card is important real estate – list services, benefits, testimonials, etc. on the back. Until there is a way for us to simply touch cell phones and have contact info instantly transferred, this is your contact vehicle.

2. Website. Websites are for people today what brochures were to people in the 90’s and earlier – only better. A web presence gives you a global presence, it gives the everyone total convenience and accessibility. Also, from the most basic to the supa-dupah, websites offer update-able (yes, I’m making up spelling) information, the opportunity for interaction, immediate communication and the wow factor.

3. Blog. If you didn’t know I was going to say that, then shame on you. Blogs are the ultimate marketing tool. You can have an ongoing conversation with your target market, find out just what your target market wants and add an infinite amount of information, value and integrity to your website, brand, reputation. Blog posts are everlasting advertisements for your business. And with keywords and search engines, they deliver qualified traffic (ie. people who are looking for you exactly) to your door blog.

4. Brochure. Not a bad idea. Some people do like to have something they can hold in their hands…and they don’t even seem to worry about the strain on the environment. Did I say that? Whoo, am I opinionated today.

Of course, this list is very basic. Depending on the organization, product, service or industry, this list could lengthen or shorten at will to include info or press packets, premiums, sell sheets, e-commerce stores, (highly targeted) direct mail and on and on.

UP NEXT: like your marketing collateral, part 2 (where we discuss how and what you’ve gotta do)…

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