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does google know everything that i do online?

By May 27, 2008How To


Ummmm….Yes. Your internet participation is recorded in total for better or for worse: web pages, blogs, comments, emails (in some cases), reviews, social network pages, profiles…and on and on.

  • When people talk about you, it is duly noted and forever findable.
  • When you talk, it is duly noted and forever findable.

For Better.

1. This increases your site ranking, your visibility, your importance in the web world.

2. People can find you, in other words, your searchability also shoots up.

For Worse.

1. Everything is recorded – this means even emails in some cases – depending on the sort of server they exist on (for instance, some community servers are live, online and searchable).

2. People change, grow up, get smarter…but those old emails, web pages, blogs, comments are cached and keep hanging on.

What to do.

Well, you can erase cached pages, but I’ve heard it’s a pain. Better yet, look ahead. Be very mindful of your web presence. Think before you speak/write/post/share/comment. Without becoming a paranoid freak, try to remember that people will see what you do online…

Remember, web participation is vital to online marketing, so don’t stop…just interact responsibly.

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