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Chocolate Coated Viralness

By December 16, 2008How To, Marketing

There’s a bakery in western Massachusetts called Berkshire Mountain Bakery. They make real, traditional, organic sourdough bread. Many flavors, even pizza crust. But the best thing they craft is Bread and Chocolate. Sourdough bread 30% filled with Dark Callebaut chocolate chunks – huge chocolate chunks. We make it into french toast (just thought you’d like to know…and drizzle coconut milk on top).

The other day, I was having a craving. The kids were playing delightfully across the room (we have a big open first floor), so I got out our last loaf and cut a hunk off, quietly. One bite in and Jack was standing at my side. All of 2 1/2 years old and 3 feet tall, he says, “I want some a dat.” I gave him a chunk.

He scampered away, and I hear him plop down next to his sister, Sophie, who just turned 3. “I’m having a cookie!” He proudly exclaims. “No, you’re not, Jackie.” She bossily tells him, nose buried in her book (because they really rarely eat sweets, much less cookies, she made an assumption). Then she looks up from her book, sees what he’s shoving into his mouth and races to my side, shouting, “I want some, I want some!” the whole way.

They proceeded to flaunt their goods in front of the dogs and me and Patti. Then they begged for more. I had another piece, the kids had another bite and Patti started making a huge plate of french toast. (My girl likes her sugar). The dogs just begged…and begged.

My point? Things become viral for 2 reasons:

1. They are good, and I mean really good and/or fantastic.

2. No one, and I mean no one, can keep their mouth shut about their goodness – even when it means having to share.

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