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My holiday gift to you

By December 13, 2008December 19th, 2008How To, News

Okay – I never usually do things like this on my blog, but I’m feeling very taken by the holiday spirit – and wildly grateful for all that YOU give me by reading this blog, commenting with your brilliant and strong thoughts, telling your friends & colleagues about Writing Roads and being part of my community.

So, I’d like to give you a gift, but only one of you (even though I appreciate you all equally). But, it wouldn’t be me if I made this really easy and un-fun. So here is your challenge and here are your steps to success:

  1. Write a poem.
  2. It has to rhyme (because I’m a huge fan of rhyming).
  3. And it has to be at least 2 lines long.
  4. It must be authentically YOU.
  5. And it has to be nice (and you’re all nice, so this shouldn’t be an issue)
  6. Flattery will probably get you everywhere.
  7. Leave it in the comments below.
  8. Get totally, blatantly judged by me and my posse (ie. Silas the Farting Dog who sits under my desk and loves me no matter what).
  9. Hope and pray that you win (and feel free to bribe the judge with cash – me, not Silas).

I will pick the winner on December 23rd and get your prizes to you in nowhere near enough time for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or the Winter Solstice.

What? Oh…you want to know what you’ll win? Is that all you can think about?

  • The grand prize is the best popcorn popper EVER in the ENTIRE world (because I love popcorn…does anyone see a theme here?)
  • A feature on this here blog with your winning poem and a singing of your praises (we can play around with this one depending on who you are, what you do and how this part of the prize will best suit you…). And tons of social media love on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn…wherever you like.
  • My love and affection.
  • AND…I’d be more than happy to offer more prizes (for funniest, most flattering, most female, most male – you name it…) and I’m positive I can get some (let me know if you want to offer your product, book or services) and I’ll feature them below as we go…
  • We have a new prize! The LOVELY Debra Snider has donated her novel, A Merger of Equals, for either the ‘Most Uppity’ or ‘Most Feminist’ poem. For more info on her book, go here.
  • And another! @TarotByArwen has offered us A Muse of Inspiration Tarot reading. This one will have to go to the ‘Most Spiritual’ entry, like fer sure.
  • My favorite cook in the world, Carol McManus, has donated another prize! Her extraordinary cookbook, Table Talk, features real food recipes, beautiful pics of Martha’s Vineyard and the inspiration to bring the family back to the table. (We cook from it alllll the time!) The poem that makes me the hungriest gets this prize…
  • J.Sewell Perkins is offering one 1/2 hour of coaching as a prize – either life or business coaching. JS is awesome – can’t say enough good about this one. So, I guess this prize goes to the poem that makes me think the writer needs help (LOL, just kidding…)
  • Take back an hour of your time! @TraceyTarrant is offering one hour of virtual assistant services.
  • Lanny McDowell, the phenom avian photographer who took my Twitter avatar pic!, has offered up one of his stunning prints! This is a shot of a Red Phalarope driven onshore from its offshore northern migration route by persistent strong easterly winds.  Shot taken near Sengecontacket Pond, Martha’s Vineyard. Print image would measure 10″h X 15″w on fine art paper 13″ X 19″.
  • Jessica Smith, of Jessica Knows, Wishpot, MomForce and a zillion other places, is offering up a free admission to her Inner Circle (4 1-hour small group sessions) for the best poem about MomForce!!! (value = priceless)
  • This next prize is for the poem that does the best job of ‘counting blessings.’ Cindy Hartman‘s company, Hartman Inventory, provides a service documenting personal property for businesses and residences, mainly for disaster preparedness (knowing what you own helps you maximize an insurance claim; without an inventory, most recover between 30%-50% of what they lost). Other reasons for an inventory are estate planning, estate settlement, divorce and pre-nup agreements, moving, storage, business disolution/sale/purchase.  She’s offering a consultation explaining why an inventory is needed (not enough people realize how important this info is until it’s too late), and then providing the know-how so they can compile their own inventory.

GOOD LUCK…I’m breathless with anticipation.

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  • Marie says:

    Well, it’s not exactly a Christmas poem but I write it in memory of our late T. Tucker the Terrible Tabby :-)

    Tabby hunter, sleek
    Round the corner, wait
    Paw raised, hesitate, hesitate
    Go, now! Pounce, swat!
    Hah, success.
    On to hunt again
    cricket legs
    beneath the Christmas tree!

    The scent of
    Sun warmed fur.

  • King-Edqux says:

    Chasing Hazy White…

    At night when darkness falls, and integrity shines through it all
    You keep your mind sane, and still try to be anything but plane
    When the rain of spring has passed, and the ehat of summer cools
    You wish for protection at last, and you yearn to dance like a fool

    As if you were back to the days of your youth where there was nothing in the world to lose
    And you had no worry or foe, as long asyou had your snow

    That white pleasent surprise that frosted your anger and closed your eyes.
    IT sent sent you to a world of peace and sernity, it brought your family together and you ate plenty

    Even as the first drop falls, and the north wind’s breeze calls you care less about the whether and fall into the lawn flowing with the wind like a helpless feather.

    And it comes once again to bring back that light;
    Frosty, Santa, family, peace, and it all lied within Winter’s HAzy White….

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