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the target market of one: finding your blog audience


Blogging is about the conversation, right? That said, there are certain ‘big’ blogs that I read where I can tell the writer is talking to thousands of people – I feel it, I feel like I’m just one of the many. There are other ‘big’ blogs that always leave me feeling like I’m the only one in the room – and that’s the goal – for any kind of marketing writing, perhaps any kind of writing.

Some of my readers have gone out of their way to tell me that they feel like I’m talking directly to them…which I find superb, because I am. I’m most certainly talking to one person – and that intimacy is able to come through. I’ve picked one person to write my blog to, and every time I sit down to write, I imagine this person sitting in front of me. I purpose my message to this individual allowing my conversational style to be authentic.

So, why then, you may ask, do so many of my readers feel like I’m writing to them personally? They, possibly you, feel that connection because it’s a contact high. It’s catharsis at its best. My best example of this phenomenon has to be the movies. Note: I am a writer with a very potent imagination, this might not show up for you in exactly the same way it does for me.

Take any romantic movie, throw George Clooney (still my favorite) in (or whoever does it for you) and let him/her romance the hell out of someone (could be a girl or a boy – have you seen the Ocean’s movies?)…somehow, sitting there, watching that movie, the viewer gets the sensation that George is talking to them, that they are in love and being loved by GC…and they literally feel full of bliss. Catharsis by movie: you get to revel in your emotions by watching someone else’s experience.

Anyway, as I write to my one and only, you pick up on our intimacy, our connection. I hope it makes you feel included, like you’re part of something. Because you are. This is an excellent writing tool that enables you to meet your audience and influence them. It’s the difference between talking to them and shouting at them, really. The difference between inviting them over to try your fabulous new coffee maker and telling them that they BETTER GET ONE BEFORE THEY’RE ALL GONE! Think about it.

The best part is, with the blog platform, you (the audience) get to talk back. You can keep that conversation going – say what you like, reveal what you don’t, ask for what’s missing. A conversation wants two or more – it can’t exist with just one. In effect, I am writing to you. And, I love it when you join me with emails or comments. I promise to always talk back.

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