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i got in trouble on facebook

By August 8, 2008


For those of you who know me well, you will not be surprised that I got in trouble when I was growing up – a lot. And, one of my favorite places to get in trouble? Camp. I went to an all girls camp in northern Minnesota called Kamaji. These were the best 9 summers of my life – from camper to counselor to head of the swim program. Of course, the best part of camp was my crime ring, possey, group of best friends. A solid group of 7 of us came every summer for 2 months and shared a cabin and our lives.

For every second of hilarity, however, there were at least 2 seconds of trouble. It got to this point: when the my cabin counselors found out they had me as their camper, they sometimes cried. I was outspoken, stubborn, hilarious (according to me) – a real shit disturber, if you will. But, I was just having fun. One time, we were being so loud in the dining hall, that the camp director took our forks away. I never understood that punishment, but at the time it seemed pretty hysterical serious. When we were being loud during ‘rest period’ my counselors wouldn’t even come in to see what was going on, they’d just yell, ‘Fish (my nickname), be QUIET’…

And now, some exorbitant number of years later, Facebook has reconnected me with my camp buddies.

A few days ago, one of the them put up some horribly embarrassing 80’s photos (see exhibit A above) and we started bantering back and forth about the whole thing. We’re now very sophisticated and 30-something and living on both coasts – so it got, let’s just say, a little spicey (never mean or nasty or disrespectful ever, just spicey).

Well, my friend, Lisa, tagged Camp Kamaji in the photos…and, if you know Facebook, then you know that everyone who gets tagged gets alerted to new picture comments. Within moments, Camp wrote and asked Lisa to take some of the remarks down (the spicey ones) – of course, their page is for their business so it is available for all to see.

So, it’s summer, camp is in full swing and I’m still getting in trouble. You betcha’.

But this story teaches a good lesson about how to behave on the internet:

  • Be careful who you include, tag, cc, bcc, etc.
  • Control the privacy settings on all of your sites.
  • Think before you type, publish, send.
  • Remember that things live forever in cached pages.

…and hold on to your forks.

$10 for the first person to guess which one is me in the photo up above. (Mom, you can’t play).

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