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The Search for the Incredible Designer

By March 11, 2008How To, Marketing

I wrote this blog for my Incredible Designer’s , Leslie Tane Design, blog as a guest blogger…but I think it’s important for all of you to read too…so here ’tis.

In my career as a copywriter, I have worked with many designers…the incredible designer, the good designer, the fine designer, and the ‘oh @#$%&, are you kidding?’ designer. I encourage you all to search for the Incredible Designer and then hold on to him/her at all costs. Treat this person like royalty – they are. And…if you are a designer – then BE the Incredible Designer. It’s who those of us that think any old font would work and have no idea what the difference between a jpeg and a gif are searching for.

Here is a list of what makes an Incredible Designer:

1. Artistic Brilliance. The Incredible Designer surprises you every time with her level of artistry, creativity and sheer brilliance.

2. Competence. The Incredible Designer knows so much. Web, print, techie stuff, marketing, printing, everything cutting-edge.

3. Patience & Kindness. When dealing with clients (hmm, hmm) that ask the same question more than 5x, have ‘just one more!’ edit and needed it done yesterday, the Incredible Designer never ruffles. And it serves him. It makes clients want to do better next time for this benevolent master of design.

4. Forethought. When discussing a new project, the Incredible Designer thinks of everything: specs, space, logistics, deadlines, national holidays, watering the plants…everything.

5. Reliability. The Incredible Designer never lets you down. When you turn your stuff over to her, you know it will come back golden.

6. Honesty. The Incredible Designer is always honest about his deadline capability. And, if he doesn’t know something he tells you he doesn’t…and then finds someone who does.

7. Integrity. Enough said.

So, why am I qualified to write this little blog entry? Because my search is over – and I swear she didn’t pay me to write this (in fact, I’ll have to talk her into posting it!) – Leslie Tane Hannus is my Incredible Designer. She is all of these things and more…

For incredible design visit….and check out her blog – it’s a great example of what to do!

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