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Permission Marketing or Avoiding SPAM

By March 10, 2008January 16th, 2009How To, Marketing

Many of my clients don’t like marketing. They like increased sales and exposure, but they cringe at the thought of self-promotion, cold calls, selling – and the cheesey father of all of these – SPAM.

This is why I love permission marketing…and the internet…and blogging. Referrals from trusted sources are the most qualified prospects, and blogging and blog marketing allow you to circumnavigate the ‘cringe’ part of marketing and capitalize (literally) on the permissed, referral aspect.

It’s simple and based on the following concepts and action plan:

1. I sell my product/service online.

2. I have a list that I blog to regularly – they love me and trust me.

3. I am always looking for quality content to post on my blog for my list.

4. I find a ‘tangent’ site selling to my demographic, but selling a different product/service – we are not competitors.

5. We connect – I email or comment on their blog.

6. #1,2, & 3 are also true for this ‘tangent’ site.

7. We realize that we can help each other out.

8. I post something about this ‘tangent’ site on my blog, with a quality link, and a strong referral (that I wholeheartedly believe in). The ‘tangent’ site does the same for me.

9. We are both offering our lists something of value AND we have just received a quality referral from a trust source to a new group within our demographic.

10. Everyone wins…no SPAM, no cold calls, value to list, increased traffic, sales, happiness.

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