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How in the world do you write, design, publish and sell an eBook?

I have two words for you: Aaron Pogue.

Back when I first got into this writing game (which was when I discovered reading and the fact that I had command over the alphabet…say age 5), I assumed that I would be writing books. A novelist! was my first thought.

But then it turned out it wasn’t so easy. Random House didn’t want In Fairy Land, my first bound attempt, see photo to the left. (I also designed this book – the binding and the lettering are made from old school first-aid tape. I was so resourceful! Though I was also the ultimate tomboy, so I have no idea why this thing is pink and flowery. Literally, no idea. And, by the way, Random House missed out – the story is fabulous.)

So I walked away from my publishing dreams a bit, but I never gave up the writing.

Enter blogging.

No, it’s not the same (I have a wildly vivid imagination, but I’m not delusional) as publishing a hardcover, New York Times Bestseller. But, still there’s something to it – the writing, the publishing, the readers…similar elements, no? It works for me – as you know – I simply love it here in the blogosphere.

Enter e-Books.

Turns out there’s a way to meld the writing and the blogging and the publishing (and still not have to wait around for Random House!). It’s called the e-Book. Yes, we all know this – but not many of us actually do it. Do you know why? Because it seems daunting – and we don’t know how.

I’m not ashamed to say that I like to have my hand held every now and again. It’s delightful to have someone wiser, stronger and more able than you showing you the way. And, I learned a while ago that asking for help is a brilliant way to…um, err, well, you know…GET HELP when you need it.

Now my current e-Book is fairly casual. For one reason, and one reason only – I didn’t know Aaron when I wrote, published or pushed it. I’ve just become privy to his new eBook: How to Build an e-Book – The Complete Guide (affiliate link). From the writing to the design and formatting to the publication, launch, marketing, affiliate tools (which Chris Brogan sang mightily about today) – you name it – he’s got it covered.

His book represents a tremendous effort (and he is a tremendous writer and person) – and I just couldn’t sit idly by and not shout WOOHOO AARON! from the rooftops, nor deny any of you from knowing about this incredible resource.

So GO! Buy his e-Book…and then turn your blog or your essays or your poems or your whatever it is that you write into a BOOK.

And sell it.

And be proud.

p.s. Maybe we should set up a webinar/storytime. You can lay down on your desks, and I can read you In Fairy Land. It really is Pulitzer material. It begins like this:

It was Friday in the Summer of 3056. A little girl named Jill was waiting for her friend Ann. Her pretty gold curls shown in the sun…

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  • --Deb says:

    Yeah, my first book was construction paper, with its “print run” limited by the xerox machine in Dad’s office, somewhere around 1973, I think. I’m pretty sure I still have a copy.

    Now, my eBook? I’ve got one of those, too. Short, sweet, simple, beautiful to look at (because I designed it myself, so … natch). The only problem is that now that I’ve got it, I’m not quite sure how to market it.

    Yeah. I should have thought of that.
    .-= –Deb´s last blog ..Good Writing is About Discovery =-.

    • Julie Roads says:

      Hmmm…well, I’m pretty sure I just supplied you with the solution.

    • Aaron Pogue says:

      Deb, Part three of the e-Book (which is available separately) has a couple chapters on promotion and distribution (although it’s primarily focused on finalizing, polishing, and publishing your e-Book which it sounds like you’ve managed).

      I think what would be perfect for your situation, though, is the Product Marketing Challenge — a month-long intensive, community-driven course on making your blog an effective sales platform without sacrificing voice, and getting your product “out there.”

      Unfortunately…it doesn’t exist yet. It’s part of a big project I’m working on (with several other expects) called the Blog Challenge Series, but Product Marketing isn’t scheduled to happen until November.

      If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, let me know and I’ll make sure to get back to you with a little more information.
      .-= Aaron Pogue´s last blog ..Pitch and Tagline (Technical Writing Exercise) =-.

  • Aaron Pogue says:

    Thanks for the review, Julie! Your praise means the world to me.

    I love that you picked Random House, too. And I desperately want to read that story.
    .-= Aaron Pogue´s last blog ..Pitch and Tagline (Technical Writing Exercise) =-.

  • Love this post Julie. I was just looking for something about eBooks to show to a client/colleague that would be equal parts inspirational and informative. Because, even today, even for bloggers, it can still be an uphill battle to (a) believe in the value of the eBook and (b) believe in your own work enough to tackle making and selling one.

    Thank you!
    .-= Lindsey Donner´s last blog ..Forget the Bucket List: 6 Things I Already Did and Don’t Regret =-.

  • Alisa Bowman says:

    I get so many people who ask me the “how to make an ebook question.” It’s great that there’s a resource I can refer them, too!

    And that first line has me intrigued. Maybe Scholastic?
    .-= Alisa Bowman´s last blog ..It’s Not Him, It’s You =-.

  • Julie Roads says:

    Yeah – fiction was never my thing, yo.

  • Hi, I have been thinking of setting up exceptionally web page. However, not brilliant with techie elements. Is it really difficult to create a spot? Would I to put together to invest time learning programming and coding?

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