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How’s your suck?

By October 7, 2009November 18th, 2009How To, The Business, Writing

suck it yourselfDisclaimer: I did not birth the term ‘suck’. And, yes, I wish I had.

Yesterday, I went to a friend’s house to borrow a skirt, and she said, “We have to start with the shoes. What shoes are you going to be wearing? Do you have boots?” No, I don’t. And, so, she graciously handed me her black, soft, leather, knee high boots from Paris. I have to tell you, I fell in love as I zipped them up. Instantly, utterly, lustfully.

They fit like butter, they looked dangerously good, they made me feel divine. It felt like they possessed some sort of transformative super power that turned me into the 30 something fashonista I would be now if I hadn’t spent a good portion of my 20’s at a yoga ashram – finding my Warrior Pose instead of my Prada.

When I got home, full of this feeling and boots in hand, I had an epiphanic thought. Paris would be nice and so would $500 boots, but I have an internet connection and an Ebay account. And I’m gonna find my boots.

There was no effort involved. Just the flow of boot ‘juice’ from my self to my computer. And there they were, not exactly the same, possibly even a little bit hotter, in black and in brown – with a price tag of $40.00 for the pair of ’em.

That, my friends, is good, strong suck.

Suck is about calling the things you want to yourself. And getting them. It comes in a few forms – some unwanted, some just plain glorious.

Weak Suck

You self-disparage. You second guess. You’re timid and you hide and doubt yourself. You never get what you want. Because really you don’t have any clue what it is that you want in the first place and/or you feel that you don’t deserve it.

Reverse Suck

You spend your time complaining about what you don’t want and being negative to the extent that you end up sucking the bad stuff right to your forehead. And though you will likely try, you have no one to blame but yourself (such a pisser).

Random Suck

Which is really to say that it’s uncontrolled and undisciplined. It’s high, it’s low; it turns on and then off on a whim. You get that ‘something’ is at play, but you don’t know what or how. You’ve given up your suck to ‘fate’.

Good Suck

This is what we’re all shooting for. It’s precise, directed, vacuum packed. It brings the awesome things. It empowers you. Its momentum is self-fed. And it is feels so natural, so right-on that it doesn’t feel like work – it just feels GOOD.

…And it might just get you some kickin’ boots.

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  • Edgy Mama says:

    Girl, you have excellent suck. Congrats on the hot boots!

  • Joanne Sardini says:

    Thanks for the positive spin on a word that is so often negative! I use this approach for good parking spots “I’m a good person, I deserve a good spot” repeated on the way to work often results in the front door spot opening up as I drive up – got to remember to use this more, then I can go from Random to Good on the suck-o-meter – thanks for the reminder!

  • Interesting. I think my suck depends on the events of the day. I need to figure out how to just give good suck no matter what! lol

  • Julie: Just got back from Paris (don’t hate me) and French points South on Sunday. Just happened to be there during Fashion Week (funny, since I have my own style but am definitely not fashionable). I just want to let you know that boots are definitely in next season. Tall, short, elegant, military, booties and up to the bootie. It doesn’t matter, as long as it is a boot.

    You left out one kind of suck: Sick Suck, which, unfortunately, I mastered while in Paris. I’m still recovering, but there’s no place better to be able to Sick Suck in, than Paris:o))

  • Todd Jordan says:

    My suck is random and uncontrolled for the most part. On the other hand, I have days when things just flow. I’m sure it helps that once I’m on a roll my attitude is high and of course the world seems to give me the good suck. Ha.

  • Julie Roads says:

    Hi Michelle! So sorry you got sick…thrilled for you and Paris! And – Who knew I was so hip?

  • Julie Roads says:

    Todd – definitely! That’s the self-feeding momentum I was discussing before. Good suck breeds good suck…

  • Jess says:

    That was an awesome read. I may seem a bit crazy the next few days walking around muttering “good suck good suck” under my breath… but it’s definitely worth remembering!

    Congrats on the boots! I love my boots in the winter… throw on a pair of knee-high socks underneath, and you’re toasty warm AND fashionista-ish.

  • ilinap says:

    Nice suck! Now beware, you might become as addicted to boots as I am. I look forward to fall every year just so I can pull out my hot red (more of a cranberry than a fuck me red) double zipper tall boots. No Keds and denim capris for me on the playground, baby.

  • Andi says:

    I believe in the suck, the good suck. It is all about sending positive messages out there in the universe and sucking in the good stuff. I have been fortunate to be blessed with an inordinate amount of good things in my life and I think it is all in the attitude.

  • Alisa Bowman says:

    So true. I do weak suck a lot when I’m not feeling self confident (ie I don’t deserve what I want). Sometimes I think I just need to stand up for myself better!

  • ash says:

    julie, love this post.

    i might add the “un-suck” for your consideration. this is good suck on steriods. it happens when you totally let go of the yearning, the wanting, and discover that suck in more than you ever dreamt possible.

  • Julie Roads says:

    Ash! I love the un-suck. Thank you for the addition! I take it you know my girls Kelby and Anne Fitten? LOVE your town. Had one of my favorite all time meals at Nine Mile. Thank you for dropping by!!!

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