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A good friend just told me this story:

When my daughter was 2 she developed this phobia of bugs. It was so bad she wouldn’t go outside. So my wife came up with the idea of her screaming at the bugs: ‘GO AWAY BUGS! YOU CAN’T BOTHER ME!’ And it worked.

He suggested that I yell, ‘Go away kidney stones’ – as the logical cure. And, our other friend, who was listening, noted, “The stones don’t have ears.”

To which he replied, “Neither did the bugs.”

But we have ears, don’t we. Which makes me think there’s really something to this theory. We hear what we say about ourselves – somewhere inside it gets internalized, and we believe it.

The fears have ears.

Are you feeding yours? Or blasting them out of the park?

How does this affect you as you move forward with your writing, your business or new forays into places like Twitter? How does it affect your life?

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  • Sid Parham says:

    Fears have all our senses. We tatse fear we feel the texture of fear and fear makes our eyes very,very sharp.

  • linda says:

    That’s a fantastic concept. I think I’m going to try it sometime…though I’ll make sure I’m home alone, or I’ll have some explaining to do!

  • Amy D says:

    Go away lack of focus!
    What happens when we just fear committing to one thing we love so we can make some actual money?

    Doing so many things I love and spreading myself thinnnnn.

  • One of the first steps to moving forward is to confront your fears. You have to either get over it or understand how to bypass it.

  • Carrie Anne says:

    I love to write, but I think I have that inner voice telling me that I can’t. Not that I can’t write, but that I can’t write well. One reason I started blogging was to get into the flow of writing more often but also to try and squash that little voice. To take that further, after an article in the Globe and Mail on twitter and writers, I’ve taken the challenge to try and tweet something creative every once in a while using exactly the 140 characters allowed. We’ll see how that goes :-) Thanks for inspiring along the way.

  • Jendi says:

    Interesting idea.
    I think I’m somewhere in between the feeding and the blasting.

  • Fears DO have ears! I taught my kids to be firm with monsters, although we had to work harder with the middle son’s terror (of all things) related to owls. I wrote about it here:

    Great post. Keep ’em coming!

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