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Follow the Smoke

By March 26, 2009News, The Business


Full disclosure: I watch American Idol.

Each week on the show, a musical genre is chosen – and a master in that genre mentors the contestants. This week the genre was Motown and the mentor was Smokey Robinson.

I’ve become his biggest fan. Yes, he’s an amazing artist, singer, songwriter, performer. But, that’s not what got me.

He was so supportive, so positive, so excited. What an amazing mentor. Smokey pointed out things that he thought could be improved, but he was just so darn encouraging. He was genuinely happy, actually ecstatic, to be working with these new singers.

When one of the contestants, Adam, performed one of Smokey’s songs, the Motown Icon hopped to his feet leading a standing ovation. Mind you, the rendition was really brilliant. But, I loved that Smokey was the first to acknowledge it. This man is no Diva.

I’m following the Smoke because that’s the kind of mentor I’d like to be. No, that’s the kind of person I strive to be.

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  • Joely Black says:

    Yes, I agree – and that’s despite not having seen any of the show. You know the kind of person to look up to. They have the strength to keep on giving to others, and a real selfless love of what they’re doing.

  • Heather Goff says:

    I totally agree, Julie.
    I was impressed with his standing ovation as well. I’m glad you articulated it so nicely.

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