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When two trumps one: blogging, writing & social media partnerships

I’ve suddenly found myself elbow-to-elbow deep in a series of partnerships. I’m co-authoring an ebook with Ron Miller, tech writer extraordinaire, about authentical and personal branding; I’m writing a post with Ari Herzog, political and social media moven (I’m hoping that’s the male form of ‘maven’) that might have some bad words in it; I’m crafting a post with Michelle Minch and Lisa Heindel, two fabulous women that reign supreme in the world of home staging/interior design and real estate, respectively; and, I’m developing a series of webinars called Cookie Coaching with J.S. Perkins, a life coach, and Carol McManus, a chef/baker/entrepreneur.

I couldn’t begin to decide which one of these partnerships I’m most excited about. Some I went after, some just happened, some – I’m sure – were caused by divine intervention, some came after me. But, I can tell you that partnerships carry a load of benefits – no matter what your industry:

  • Exposure. When each of these projects is unveiled, I’ll announce them to my networks…and my partner(s) will be announcing the projects and me to their networks.
  • Learning. These are smart people that know so much that I don’t know – about their industries, the way they operate in the world and the world itself.
  • Enjoyment. Seriously, I’ve gone out of my way to pick interesting, hilarious and/or colorful people to work with.
  • Diversity. You all know that I love, love, love my job. But, how great is it to do something just a little bit different every once in awhile. Partnering involves brainstorming sessions that involve more than just my brain and new ways of getting the job done because we all have to compromise a bit on our habitual MO’s.
  • Professional Growth. Because I’m learning, stretching and collaborating, I’m broadening the scope of what I know and what I’m capable of doing. Not to mention the venues that I’m doing the work in…
  • Relationships. Some of these people I knew previously, but these relationships are deepening as we work closely on our projects – and share the thrill of creation, publishing and, soon, external response.
  • More opportunity. I’ve yet to take even one single step in my business – that felt good, positive and productive – that didn’t lead to a new and exciting opportunity.

If you’re thinking about embarking on a partnership, here are some things to consider:

  1. Combine industries, topics and personalities that are unexpected: like aardvarks and pesto.
  2. Offer differing perspectives to reach a wider group of people.
  3. Introduce unique ideas that only your specific partnership could create.
  4. Seek out people that you want to work with and that have an audience you would like to reach.
  5. Don’t show up empty handed. If you’re approaching someone else, come with your ideas ready.
  6. Be flexible. The basis of any partnership is collaboration. As you discuss your plans for the project, you’re going to have to give a little. (Even if it was your original idea, see #5 above).
  7. Communicate honestly. If something isn’t working for you, say so and do it respectfully. Come at it with the intention of solving a problem together…I bet you’ll end up learning a lot. And, I can’t think of a darn thing that was made better by silence and the harboring of ill will.

Do you use partnerships in your business? How? Why? Can’t wait to hear…

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  • Just be careful not to lose yourself, and your writing, in too many collaborations. I’ve done a lot of collaborating over the years, and have found it both rewarding and frustrating.

    It’s very important to work on your own “thing” as well. In fact, today’s post over at is sort of about that…


  • Julie Roads says:

    Great tip…I wouldn’t DREAM of it. Always a pleasure and an honor to have you drop by…off to read your post!

  • Julie,

    Partnerships and collaborations are a great way to add to your business nation. It is a good idea to set up goals and make sure you are each achieving those goals through the process.
    As David mentioned, be sure you don’t lose yourself in the process either…or sacrifice your goals because then you end up unhappy—not good.

    However, if there is honesty (#7) and communication then it should be great for each person involved.

    Thanks for a great Monday post Julie!

  • Anne Mayhew says:

    What great advice and great opportunities for you! Any success is built on good relationships!

  • Hi Julie: I’m thrilled to be able to collaborate with you and Lisa Heindel. I couldn’t imagine a more fortuitous collaboration. Thank you for inviting me. I’m excited and looking forward to the delicious dish we we cook up together.


  • Jonathan says:

    Hooray for collaboration. Studies show it isn’t the most competitive species that thrive over the long haul, but the most effectively collaborative. Businesses are beginning to see this too, both internally and externally. In the still-emerging networked world, the people who will be remembered as truly great will be those who have helped others to attain their greatness.

    The universe is infinite-sum. Collaboration trumps the zero-sum mindset because it’s in harmony with life.

  • Julie Roads says:

    Beautiful addition to my post, Jonathan! Thank you!

  • Anne says:

    What great opportunities for you. Good luck!

  • Lisa Heindel says:

    I’m really looking forward to a partnership with you and Michelle, Julie. Working with smart, witty women is the trump every time.

  • Honestly – I read this post and I have a small panic attack. That is why I’m not a full-time freelancer. I can’t even begin to imagine how you break up your day and plan it all out so it gets done. That said, I WISH I could do that. You have great talent so it’s wonderful to see you prospering from it and partnering with people.

  • Collaboration is a compliment- be proud of yourself and don’t take on too much at one time.

    What a great way to start off the New Year!

  • Sandra Foyt says:

    I really admire what your are doing to develop professionally while learning and growing personally. It takes a lot of drive and commitment to make this look so easy!

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