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The LOVE ebook: love creations and real support for those hit by the recession

By January 8, 2009February 9th, 2009How To, Networking, News

Image by Swamibu

The LOVE ebook: love creations and real support for those hit by the recession


In an effort to focus on the good stuff – and help out in tough times – The LOVE ebook for charity is filled with LOVE poems, photos and artwork and it’s hitting the ‘net just in time for Valentine’s day.  The beautiful composition, designed by Kyle Lacy and his crew at Brandswag, will be posted here for download from February 11th through the 14th – (would make an awesome Valentine’s gift, eh?)

Is it Free?

The LOVE ebook will be available for free, but we are also offering you the option to make a donation for your download – could be for $1 or $1000 – that’s entirely up to you.

Where will the money go?

All of the money raised will be donated to Career Gear (for men and their families) – a national non-profit organization that helps people find, get and keep jobs through career skills training, interview training, proper attire, etc… Times are tough, and I wanted to pick an organization that worked hard and compassionately to help our country’s workforce. (and Career Gear has been so wonderful to work with!!!)

How will you spread the word?

Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m obsessed with Twitter. We will certainly Twitterize the heck out of this thing. We’re also looking to all of you – whether you participate as an artist, writer, donor or reader to spread the word. I’ll use Pitch Engine for PR. We would love it if you would post something on your blog just link back to us here. Please tell all your peeps across every network you’ve got.

The Launch

The LOVE ebook will be available for download here, on the Writing Roads blog from February 11th through the 14th. We’ll do all we can to spread the word and raise some money for good and we hope you will too!


We just know this is going to be a blast.

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