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can you blog for someone else?

I recently read a blog post by a copywriter who maintained that you can absolutely, positively not write someone else’s blog for them.


Writing a blog for a client requires me to:

  • deeply understand their content, company, industry, audience
  • hear their voice, personality, tone
  • grasp their mission, goals, desired outcomes
  • write a message that conveys all of the above

These four tasks are the cornerstones of my business as a copywriter and a marketer. When I write a website, brochure, direct mail piece, a feature article, a press release, I must be able to master these tasks. A blog is no different, and in fact, it’s easier. With an ongoing blog, I am able to immerse myself in my client’s industry and company so completely – writing one article or website does not afford me that luxury.

As a marketer, writing a blog for a client allows me to design, steer, test, tweak and grow with a marketing strategy. If anything, it strengthens the client/writer relationship as well as the ongoing and final outcomes.

My answer is a resounding YES. You can write someone else’s blog. Does it always work? No, of course not. But it can and it does…quite well.

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