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Some numbers along the way

By July 20, 2010How To

8:07 time last night when I decided maybe I’d do a long run in the morning.

4:23 when I woke up.

5:05 when I started running.

700 milliliters of coconut water steadily poured down my gullet.

1 lovely, elderly couple that I flagged down and asked to ‘ferry’ said coconut water down to the end of that first long, long road so I didn’t have to lug it with me. Because, ironically, I was too lazy to plant the water along the course and can now proclaim that carrying it is a bad, bad idea—does ugly things to the stride.

9 wild (and likely crazy) turkeys.

2 big, beautiful, brown bulls.

4 ducks—one mama + 3 duck-a-lings (pronunciation per Jack and Sophie)

6 young, small, male, vibrant red cardinals (unless it was the same bird that followed me the whole way? But I doubt it…).

3 stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean via the southern coast of Martha’s Vineyard under the early morning sun.

6 hot biking dudes (or at least they looked hot in their gear) that said hello.

1 hot biking chick who looked and sounded (we exchanged ‘hellos’ as well) a helluva lot like Debra Messing.

3 writing/content ideas for later.

12 cars that piloted voluptuously around me.

1 car and asshat that did not.

4,793,281 drops of sweat.

300 ish steps to the beach, post-run.

5 minutes spent soaking my legs in the cold ocean.

5 minutes spent scanning said ocean for Great Whites (they are currently infesting our waters, seriously, look it up on Google).

22 teeth you would see right now if you were here with me…because I can’t seem to close my mouth for all the smiling.

13.1 miles run.

1/2 Marathon checked off the list.

5 roads.

2 legs.

1 me.

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