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I love doing interviews because they make me consider things that I either think about a lot and never say out loud or completely take for granted and don’t think about enough. When someone asks you the questions point blank, you’re forced to find answers, scour your brain for how you really feel and then put those thoughts into words.

If you’re trying to come up with a strategy or a plan (business or personal) or you just can’t figure out how you feel about something…ask someone to interview you. If you feel like you haven’t ‘done’ anything lately, let their questions force you to take stock of how far you’ve come and what you’ve done. Let their curiosity and their point of view, unstick your mind and your gears.

Of course interviewing other people also begets great blog content.

Alyssa Martino recently interviewed me about writing, my personal brand and giving back to other writers. Her questions made me step back and think about the present and the past, and I’m quite certain, jolted me forward as well.

Check it out here.

Image credit: Thomas Hawk

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