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By April 21, 2010How To

My morning routine is fairly, well, routine.

  1. I become conscious.
  2. I locate myself. (I’ve been traveling quite a bit – and have moved twice in the last 5 months – so this step has become rather necessary)
  3. I scroll through all of the dreams I had during the night – and I sort through the feelings they drenched me in, I analyze why I dreamed about this or how I came to dream about that – and I carefully find the divide between the dreams and my day.
  4. (By the way, my eyes are still closed.)
  5. I check my body with my hands – make sure it’s still there in one piece and take stock of it on this day.
  6. I reach out to connect to the world, ie. I grab my Blackberry off my bedside table.
  7. I finally open my eyes – sometimes just one – read my emails, start to figure out what my day’s going to look like, read several blog feeds that come in during the night.

My inbox is often full of to-do’s – from colleagues and clients who, apparently, can’t sleep. But sometimes, there are some gems in there – like this morning when I found this:

Thank you, Jonathan, it’s true. And this morning, step #8 was a smile on my face.

And like that kinda cheesey, but kind of cool commercial (for insurance?) where one good deed begets the next, I felt a deep urge to go out and pay this loveliness forward. (And it even helped soften the blow when I got yelled at by the gestapo at Whole Foods a couple of hours later – but that’s a whole ‘nother post.)

The thing is, I have no idea what was going through Jonathan’s mind when he sent that email, and he had no idea what was going to be going through mine when I got it. We, the sender, can’t know. But we can guess that the kindness and the love will land well – unless you do it in a creepy way, I highly recommend that you don’t do that.

But what will you do? I bet you do a lot of wonderful things for people everyday – just out of habit and because you are fabulous. What if today, you do it in a premeditated way? Go forth, be wonderful…and let us know how it plays out.

Jonathan started it, you’re next.

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  • Aaron Pogue says:

    I wonder how many of your fans read this post and just end up jealous Jonathan for having the nerve to send that message. Because we all think the same thing.

    I guess that’s the fear of coming off creepy.

    I decided not to malinger on such thoughts. Instead I sent a chat to a dear friend telling him just what’s so special about him. I don’t think he’s figured out what’s happening yet, but I’ll let you know how it turns out.
    .-= Aaron Pogue´s last blog ..How to Choose Your Writing Software (Part 2) =-.

  • I was sure to tell my kids last night how proud I was of them before they went to bed. For no good reason other than I am…must be the spring, it is bringing good vibes
    .-= Justin Matthews´s last blog ..Be Great, Powerful Beyond Measure =-.

  • Jesse says:

    I’m coming off of a rough couple of days. I can either wallow in it or I can look on the bright, sunny, Spring side of things.

    I’m going to re-send the email I sent awhile back – the one where I tell my friends how blessed I am to know them.

    Thanks for this prompt. :)

  • Leon Noone says:

    G’Day Julie,
    Well….it may sound corny, but I know that if I look in my emails in the morning and find a post from Writing Roads, I’ll have something to smile about.

    Years and years ago I read a little epithet by Robert Mager: “If your job isn’t fun, change your job.” And he didn’t mean leave and go somewhere else.

    Your posts add to the fun.



  • --Deb says:

    First, I think it’s adorable that you check your Blackberry before you’re even out of bed in the morning. I pretty much don’t do anything until I’ve had breakfast–throw on some clothes, say good morning to my dog, get the paper, make oatmeal and coffee, sit with a book at the kitchen table while I eat, feed Chappy … and only then will I go upstairs and check the computer. (And, no, I don’t have a Blackberry or an iPhone, but I do have an iPod Touch I can check email/Twitter on, but I don’t carry it around the house.)

    Really, though, it’s one of the things I love about my dog–he always wakes up with a smile. Or, well, he might have to drag himself out of his crate–he’s not getting any younger, you know–but once he does and he’s given himself a shake? All sunshine and happiness. He always starts my day off with a smile.

    Actually, he starts my parents’ day off that way, too, since after I open the bedroom door, he trots down the hallway to steal Mom’s slippers…
    .-= –Deb´s last blog ..Reading is Hard =-.

  • --Deb says:

    (Oh, and I like that cheesy insurance company commercial, too. Not least because it’s not even the person on the receiving end of the good deed who passes it on to another person. It’s a WITNESS to the good deed who goes forward doing good themselves, until it comes back to the very first person.)
    .-= –Deb´s last blog ..Reading is Hard =-.

  • Gail says:

    Thanks. Needed this. We just need to be aware that paying it forward doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re going to be rewarded with gratitude and love.

    Woke up with a migraine, but I had promised my ne’er do well son that I would drive across town and pick him up and take him to work (the reason he needs me to do that is part of his ne’er do well story, which I’ll spare you). So, I dragged myself out of bed and did it because I promised him I would, thinking I was doing a good deed, which he would appreciate. Not only did he not appreciate the ride, he didn’t acknowledge the extra effort it took because of the migraine, and I also found out he wasn’t taking medication that he desperately needs because of a chronic, and potentially fatal, illness that I had gone out of my way to make possible. I was royally pissed off and felt doubly used. Then my husband reminded me that I had chosen to do the good deed(s), and I can’t expect appreciation as payment. Either do them out of love and expect nothing, or don’t do them. Any gratitude or cooperation from him is his choice.

  • Isao says:

    Look up and see the sky, that’s what I tell myself to do (when I am a bit down) and it usually works.

  • Jed says:

    Okay, I took the challenge. Check out The Penultimate Word ( tomorrow.

  • Todd Jordan says:

    Reminds me of days gone by. I’d wake to the computer beside the bed. Checking email and messages was the 1st order of the day.

    Now I often don’t check personal email till i get to work, nor even read in the mornings.

    But I did write about waking routines recently. I believe everyone should have one.
    .-= Todd Jordan´s last blog ..Creating Success – Rise and Shine =-.

  • Andi says:

    So simple and so amazingly powerful. It is often these small little touches that can move mountains.
    .-= Andi´s last blog ..French Friday – French by Heart =-.

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