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How do you open your spigot?

You know how when you go on a diet and tell yourself that you won’t eat something – then that’s all you think about, and finally you break down and instead of having just one piece of chocolate, you’re having a fried peanut butter, banana and Nutella sandwich, a platter of nachos and a pint of Everything But The from Ben & Jerry’s?

Well, it’s come to my attention that I’m in a post-diet binge. But it’s not food that I’m inhaling.

It’s life, it’s experience, it’s sensory consumption, it’s adventure. Of late, I’ve been doing things I wouldn’t have done in the past. I’m throwing a lot of caution to the wind – almost all of it, actually. I’ve been saying yes, when I historically would’ve said no. And I used to say ‘no’ a LOT. Now my decisions aren’t making me, I’m making them. I believe it’s called selection.

My body and mind are humming with it. The adrenaline rush is palpable…and it seems to stay, not rush in and then quickly back out. It’s more like a steady build. And there’s only one way to describe the way it all makes me feel: alive.

My creative juices are flowing, my writing juices are flowing, my networking juices are flowing, my business juices are flowing, my energy juices are flowing, my – well, you get the point.

And it makes me think that maybe the ‘diet’ wasn’t so bad after all. You know, because the feeling lies in the contrast. The marked difference between before and after.

Is the secret in the risk taking? In the saying yes instead of no? In simply doing the opposite of what you would normally do? In being effective instead of being affected?

How do you open your spigot?

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  • Isao says:

    Interesting – recently I have finally changed my attitude from “what options will make me feel better?” to “what options can I devote myself more?” and my energy level shot up without realizing so: I have been getting up at 5am and writing since then.

    It isn’t all pretty though – I came to that conclusion only after I had hit the wall on most of my options: money-wise, career-wise, age-wise, relationship-wise.

    Thanks for sharing your stories, I think your writing is contagious – I felt the urge to share mine too.

    • Julie Roads says:

      Well, then, I’ve accomplished something really wonderful today. I’ve always wanted to be contagious…and I’m so, so glad you shared. I love the language you found: devotion. YES!!!

  • Nikki Groom says:

    Julie, I just love the way you write. Your blog posts are a delight and a highlight in my day! Thank you.

    • Julie Roads says:

      And I can’t deny that your comments are a delight and highlight in my day!!! Thanks for taking the time to let me know…

  • Bert Jackson says:

    Sounds to me like the “diet” was taking time for reflection, and the post-diet “binge” was your actions being closer in tune with your true self! Wonderful!
    .-= Bert Jackson´s last blog ..Herman Aihara and the Mud Pie =-.

    • Julie Roads says:

      Oh, Bert…that is so apt, so spot ON!!! Of course, hindsight is 20/20 – and the diet didn’t feel like that at the time :)

  • Alisa Bowman says:

    I listen to the reason I’m giving myself a “no.” At times it’s a good reason, so I accept it. Other times I’m just saying “No” out of fear. That’s when (on a good day) I tell myself to get over it, say “yes” and I walk toward the fear.
    .-= Alisa Bowman´s last blog ..Are you bored in bed? =-.

  • What opens my spigot is writing with intent. No prompts, no time-wasting writing exercises. Each piece of writing is with intent, whether it be the birthday card for my child, in which I tell her how this new year heightens everything, or the radio essay constructed after I spy some gnarly public topic. It’s a form of saying yes, absolutely, when we decide not to fritter away our writing time.

  • Walker says:

    As I read your post I thought about what happens for me with the yes/no thing. Saying no eliminates possibility, it negates. To say yes is to invite ‘in’. When I’m feeling free and willing to take on things, to say yes, I feel more in control and I can see all the opportunities. It’s how I see it.
    Great post and one to think about some more.
    .-= Walker´s last blog ..Where Does The Time Go? =-.

  • Timothy O'Neal says:

    Doing things outside the comfort zone does rattle things about. Lately, I started painting – on a canvas! Well, I’m no artist and that’s going to be a fact for life. But doing it got me to pause in the best of ways. Engaging in a realm eons from the security of one’s own talent base is incredibly worthwhile for the soul.

    Nice post Julie… Inspired as usual…

  • I honestly have no idea. I’m not really one to believe in the whole “stuff just happens” way of going about things, but that’s how it seems. I keep no apparent schedule, and not much of a discernable thread between most of my content.

    I suppose that may be the problem.
    .-= Mark Sherrick´s last blog ..A Chance To Market Myself =-.

  • Jenny says:

    Honestly, I have a strange spigot. When I was 21, it was opened by a study abroad trip. When I was 22, it was opened by a relationship change to single when I expected engaged. Yesterday, it was opened by a last-minute flight to see an ailing family member who represents everything that life is about – good heart, good attitude and a determination to do what makes her happy. And this afternoon, it was opened by a couple beers and a live band and that goosebump feeling of seeing people doing exactly what opens their spigot. Whether they’re playing in front of a sold-out crowd or an airport bar.

  • OMG!!! You nailed it on the head girl! Love the opening paragraph!

    I’m happy for you!The first step to making a change in your life is simply saying YES!!

    Would love to hear details of what you are up to :).

    Be safe but have a great time!!

    .-= Farrah J Phoenix´s last blog ..Facing Giants: Push Your Limits =-.

  • Mark Dykeman says:

    My sense is that it’s the contrast that’s probably led to your current sense of feeling alive. Perhaps you just needed a change or a recharge of some kind. Glad to hear that it’s working for you!
    .-= Mark Dykeman´s last blog ..Thoughtwrestling interview – JC Hutchins =-.

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