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Speakin’ out? Get ready for the smackin’ down. And the standin’ back up.

First there was hunting in the state forest, then there was snow on the paths in the state forest, so what did I do? I stood up for my rights as a rollerblader and I took to the road to get my sweat on.

I try to go when there aren’t a lot of cars on the road, I really do – for me and for them. But it is a road, so there are cars. Most of them make wide arcs around me, they smile, they wave, they stare in awe that I’m out there when it’s 20 degrees. And then, some of them come pretty damn close to hitting me. And they give me dirty looks to boot.

Jealous? Ignorant? Mean? Entitled to their opinion? Generally miserable in their own little lives? All possible.

A few times on this blog (for instance, here and here) and recently on the Geek Girl Blog, I stood up for some other rights. I spoke up – loud, proud, with my female version of cojones. (Would those be ovaries or big bosoms?) And what did I get? The same thing.

I got high fives, big smiles, wide arcs – plenty of support. But, I also got nearly run over, ripped a new one (or five) and many, many dirty looks.

Jealous? Ignorant? Mean? Entitled to their opinion? Generally miserable in their own little lives? All possible.

Worth it? Yes. If we don’t speak up, those that are being hurt or left behind won’t have a chance. Oh, and you should see my ass. I do not sit on the couch all winter…or when I’ve got something to say. You?

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  • Edgy Mama says:

    Good for you.

    And know when to back off. I’m sure you heard about the cyclist here who was shot by an off-duty firefighter who was mad the cyclist wasn’t riding safely with his kid on the back of his bike (irony, anyone?). Luckily, the bullet when through the guy’s helmet and didn’t hurt the guy (physically, at least). Can you believe that?

  • There’s a time to speak your mind and a time to mind your own business…and the time to speak your mind comes around a hell of a lot more often, and too many people forget that.

    You are not one of them, and that’s why I love reading you. Don’t ever change…well, don’t ever change your ability to speak out when necessary.

  • Julie Roads says:

    Wow, Mark. Thank you. I’m about to tuck in for the night and finally stop writing and working and typing away – this is perfect way to end my day. Thanks so much for your kind words and for being such a fantastic reader, commenter and blog-cohort.

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