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Be the sponge, absorb the grease, wipe it all over everyone

By December 11, 2009How To, Writing

sponge Being the sponge isn’t quite like being the change you want to see in the world…but kind of.

I’m like a sponge – not necessarily full of odd shaped holes, or smelly, or even brightly and unnaturally colored for that matter (maybe this wasn’t the best metaphor?) – but, I am porous. A critical characteristic for any writer.

While I’m a certified extrovert and can be quite loud with my opinions, I’m not above being under the sway of the influences around me. I am a Cancer, after all. All about water and the free flow of creativity and emotion.

Lately? Well…my influencers have been the boys from Entourage – at which point, this post gets divided into two camps: those of you who know about the show and those of you who don’t. And then, divided again: those of you who love Entourage and those of you who just lost all respect for me.

If you don’t know, Entourage is an HBO series (yes, that means bad words and lots of sex) about a bunch of childhood friends from Queens, one of whom has become a major movie star. The four of them stick together like pasties on fake L.A. bosoms as they make their way through the trials and tribulations of being accidental millionaires, young, dumb (and full of c*m) and entourageboysresidents of Hollywood. The cast is rounded out by a fierce female publicist that the boys astoundingly never mess with and the most obnoxious, aggressive and high-powered (but somehow loveable, to me anyway) agent.

The show is sexist, the content is slimy, the men are pigs, the women are eye candy and chattel. It’s so politically incorrect, it should be chased through town by pitchforks and burning bras. Disclaimer: yes supporting this type of thing isn’t great for society, but laughing is – and – no women are being physically harmed neither are any animals. I draw the line there.

But, it’s hilarious. The writing is good and smart which speaks volumes to me. And somehow, before long, you start to care about the characters – even as they say things like, “I wouldn’t touch her if you paid me” in reference to a beautiful 20 year old woman who might be 2 inches shorter than was deemed acceptable that day.

And, there are other redeemable qualities, two in particular that have me hooked. 1) The friendship bond is impermeable. To have friends that have known you forever, know everything about you and love you fiercely as a result, is the greatest thing in the world. 2) This group of boys is eternally optimistic. Nothing really bothers them, or for very long. Even if they get ‘upset’ it really isn’t about anything that could cause actual soul or life destruction. Their motto is ‘everything will work out, it always does.’ And so far (that would be 5 imaginary seasons) it has proven true.

So, yes. I’m hooked. Despite, or maybe because of?, my Women’s Studies background. And I’m hoping that my sponge sops up gallons of this jubilant, rousing grease – and then? That I wipe it all over the page.

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  • Edgy Mama says:

    I know nothing about this show, but if it inspired this simile, “The four of them stick together like pasties on fake L.A. boobs…,” it must be something!

  • Well, now I am sold! I gotta rent it from netflix to snuggle up with during Christmas break:) Can’t wait!!! I love smart, hilarious, trashy TV :) Yay!!!

  • Julie Roads says:

    Lynne – I feel like I’ve really helped someone today. LOL…enjoy the boy energy. The first 4 seasons are out on DVD, but I had to get Season 5 on iTunes.

  • Sandra Foyt says:

    I LOVE Entourage! Yes, it’s totally, completely politically incorrect. But, I suspect those boys are saying what many men/boys are thinking. Truly, there is no excuse for condoning what the Entourage crew say and do, but hey, it’s fiction, and it’s damn funny!

  • Okay, I’ll have to join the chorus and actually watch this show I’ve heard so much about…I love your concept of how writers need to be a sponge and soak up everything around them. It is so true! Then it gets spit back out in strange new ways on the page. Such a wonderful, mysterious process.

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