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Changing the Climate

climatechangeToday is Blog Action Day when about a gazillion bloggers take to their blogs to bring awareness to a certain topic that needs attention. This year, that topic is climate change. I could write a long list of things you could do to help the environment and our beautiful planet – but this blog’s about writing, so I’m going to write about climate change and writing, capiche? Okay, here we go…

Imagine me in a bad mood. Like the one I was in yesterday afternoon, for instance. I was so irritated, in fact, that I was thinking about getting a punching bag for my office – just so I’d have something to kick on such occasions.

I had things to write that I just didn’t feel like writing, and no matter how stern a talking to I gave myself, I just couldn’t get on it. So, I started reading blogs, articles, twitter, whatever my eyes connected to.

And then, I didn’t want to kick anything anymore. And then, I was getting my work done. And then, I realized that I was in a great mood.

Writers are climate changers…in a good way. We have the power to change people – by providing insight, information, new perspectives, joy, views into unknown feelings, thoughts, places – with our words. The ways we influence and transform are endless, but tangible.

Because happy, enlightened and/or educated people tend to make better choices. Because they treat those around them well – spouses, friends, children, dogs, trees, bees. You get my point.

So, on this Blog Action Day, I’m wondering how your writing affects the climate? Yours, your reader’s, your world’s.

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  • Right ON!
    love action advocacy that acknowledges that we all have the power to make huge changes in the world by being our best selves!!!


  • Joker_SATX says:

    I try my best to bring humor to my blog as much as possible. I have been told that I am crass and uncouth. But my attitude is simple. If I make one person use their face muscles to smile, I have made all the difference.

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