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The Twitter Triage

By July 19, 2009How To,

triageOnce upon a time, I worked in an office. I remember it, but the details are somewhat fuzzy. I didn’t like the work, but I loved the socializing.

We were horrible influences on each other. One person would innocently say, ‘I wish I had some ice cream…’ and someone else would jump up, grab their keys and ask what flavor. Before you knew it, there was sundae party in the dining room.

But sometimes this came in handy. Like when someone was heading out to the store and asked, ‘I’m headed to the store, does anyone need anything? These days, I can only ask myself and the onus is on me to partake in ice cream.

Until today. There I was minding my own business on Twitter, when I saw this tweet:

therapy tweet

Yes, of course. Why not triage on Twitter?

  • “I’m calling Applecare about my iMac glitch, anyone have any questions for them?”
  • “Headed to Home Depot to price kitchen cabinets, anyone else looking? Let me know your measurements.”
  • “Going out for Burrito’s tonight, anyone on the South Side want me to bring you something back?”

Now that’s social networking.

Image credit: Erkka P.

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