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My favorite way to find content

talk nerdy to me So I’m talking to Chris Ming Ryan – he’s a video and content guy, and we live in the same blogging and social media world. We’re throwing ideas back and forth about a project we’re thinking about doing, and discussing life on this web in general. All of what he says is good, and then, he says something great.

And suddenly he hears what he’s said. And he exclaims, ‘Oh my god, that’s a post! I’ve gotta go! I’ve gotta go!’

He was only half kidding. Maybe a third. And we got off the phone pretty much right away.

Talk about what you do, talk about your industry, your goals, how you work – with someone that doesn’t know you or doesn’t know your area of expertise. When you talk to someone like that, you’ll be driven to think of new ways to explain or illustrate your thoughts. Have a pen and paper or keyboard handy.

You think all day, you might write all day – but how often do you talk about your usual topics? (Especially if you’re a freelancer or a solopreneur.) The three practices are very different and create quite different results.

Try it. Pick a topic. Think about it for an hour – see what you get. Write about it for an hour – see what you get. Talk about it (in conversation) for an hour – see what you get.

When you employ all three brilliant modes, your ideas – and your post content – will expand. Hey, it might even triple.

Image credit: Nikita Kashner

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