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The Big Unplug


I once read somewhere that one of the biggest blog writing faux pas was to start a post with something like, ‘It’s been forever since I’ve blogged!’ Which I totally understand because:

1. Why call attention to the fact that you haven’t blogged or have a hard time with commitment?

2. Many people will land on specific blog posts due to a referral link or a specific search – and they aren’t necessarily repeat customers – so this information about your blogging habits will be superfluous, fairly ridiculous and, quite possibly, a turn off.

But what about the flipside? Beyond those random visitors, we all have regular readers and subscribers – don’t they deserve an explanation if there’s to be some sort of blogging gap?

Me…In a Hole

That said, I wanted to let you all know about a little experiment I’m about to begin. My brother is getting married this weekend in a state far, far away – and the family is in full pack it up and move it out mode.

I’ve been stuck in my little hole here, working away for some time now…years without air, years without an unplug beyond maybe a day. Wait, who am I kidding. My Blackberry never leaves my side, so it really has been years without taking a break.

The Big Plunge

So, I’ve decided to go on this trip without my MacBook and without my Blackberry.

When I first considered it, I immediately began to shake. I thought I must surely just be kidding. But I’ve been working so hard, that – now – I’m pretty gosh darn excited. The idea grew rather fast in my head over the past month.

As such, this is the last post for a good week…and I wish you all productive, valiant and fabulous days while I’m gone.

Oh, and if you hear something on the news about a woman that ran screaming into a Best Buy and smothered herself in Berrys, phones, laptops and headsets…you’ll know it was me – and that I just couldn’t take the ‘ripping out’ of the cord.

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  • I’m wishing you fun, peace and luck.
    I’m also taking bets on how long you will last before a trip to someone else s laptop!

  • Julie Roads says:

    Oh man…now, you see, I hadn’t even thought of that as an option. But, I bet my other brother will have his…oy. I WON’T!!!

  • H.E.Eigler says:

    Whoa man, you scared me. I had an instant of ‘breath caught in throat’ when I thought you were talking about forever. Whew, enjoy your week…but not so much that you never return!

  • Julie Roads says:

    Heddy – not a chance!!! I should be back and writing by Monday!!!

  • Coach Marla says:

    @WritingRoads, have a terrific trip!

    I suggest you reward yourself with a gorgeous new Moleskin notebook. A chance to fall back in love with the sound of pen on paper… :-)

    write well,
    -Coach Marla

  • Julie Roads says:

    If only my handwriting muscles still worked…

  • --Deb says:

    There, there, just remember to take deep breaths…

    I don’t actually have a Blackberry-or-its-equivalent (yet), so I need my actual laptop to connect. I consider this to be both a good and bad thing–I can carry it with me to check emails and such, but it’s a little too cumbersome to be checking constantly. So I can get a break by walking away from it (because I’m certainly not lugging it with me everywhere). That said, I AM bringing my laptop with me this week! I hear the place I’m staying has WiFi, so I’m good to go (grin).

  • Ari Herzog says:

    To each her own. I spent last week in Washington, DC; and post-dated several blog entries in advance.

    Enjoy the wedding!

  • Leanne Chase says:

    Julie –

    Enjoy being unplugged! I try to do it at least once a week and I think it keeps me grounded. I realize the world will keep spinning if I don’t answer people immediately.

    But a whole week…that is a good vacation. Enjoy. We’ll miss you, but we’ll be okay and then we’ll be even more appreciative of your words once you return.


  • Lea says:

    Good for you! I have no doubt that once the shaking subsides, you will LOVE it. Enjoy the break with your family… look forward to connecting with you soon. :)

  • Julie Roads says:

    Ari – I don’t believe in canned, preset posts for this blog, I write as life happens. At the moment, I’m too busy with client work to consider writing a backlog anyway. I also believe in breaks to refresh and spur the creative mind. I’m also a workaholic – so this is actually quite a huge and wonderful step for me. I can’t wait to spend 4 work-free days with my family. Sorry you’re not more supportive of it, but I’m content with my decision and proud of myself for making it.

  • Jendi says:

    I agree about the “It’s been forever since I’ve blogged!” I get so tired of the people telling me they’re sorry they didn’t blog. Just blog already! Or only post once a month and don’t worry about the timing.

    Good luck. I’ll be listening for the news of the smothered lady.

  • Carrie Anne says:

    Wow, a whole week without. When I pack for a trip I think my computer is the first thing to pack. And we’re a big road trip family. And it doesn’t help when my hubby tells me Mopar has a tool you can install and for a flat fee you can surf enroute! Hmmmm…. Good thing I get car sick or else I might be tempted. Have a great trip. Hopefully you won’t forget how to use your computer.

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