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Geek Girl Camp

By March 8, 2009How To


Leslie Fishlock is brilliant for several reasons:

1. She had a dream.

2. She made it happen.

3. She decided that women needed a good, supportive, informative, affordable place to get their geek on.

4. She made it happen. (Oops, did I mention that already?)

5. She enlisted the help of several very smart and wonderful people (Janel, Reiko, Chris and on and on)

How many brilliant women do you know that get flummoxed at the words: social media, Photoshop, blog, Facebook, excel? There is nothing wrong with you because you don’t have all of this mastered! You just need a good place to learn how to do it, use it or even realize that you want to hire someone else to do it for you so you can focus on your thang.

Geek Girl Camp – Zoolander from trb design on Vimeo.

Leslie’s answer? Geek Girl Camp. An affordable unconference for women where $135 gets you 6 workshops (out of 30+ to choose from) on a wide variety of tech/geek topics, discussion groups, help desks, Q&A’s, in other words – the works. Oh, and a cocktail party at the end. And great schwag.

The first Geek Girl Camp was this past Saturday on Cape Cod, and I was honored to teach 6 workshops on blogging and social media. It was SO much fun, that I’m going back for more this Thursday, March 12th for the Boston/South Shore edition.

I’ll be teaching the following workshops and would love to see you there (register here):

  • The ABC’s of blogs. There are so many parts to a blog – and they all work together to make your internet space a success. So, if these words sound like Chinese: headers, tags, categories, widgets, plugins, links and more – then this workshop is for you! We’ll define them and discover how to use them on your blog.
  • Blogging for business (without sounding like a used car salesman). How can a blog help your business authentically? We’ll explore ways to use a blog to build a mailing list and a subscriber list, create and grow real client relationships, sell products and services, advertise, promote yourself, connect with other business partners and establish yourself as an expert in your field.
  • Blog writing. Yes! It is different than other writing! This workshop will cover voice, audience, purpose, strategy, content, length and formatting for blog writing. We’ll explore the ins and outs of different kinds of blogs – depending on who’s in the workshop.
  • Twitter! And why it will change your world and your business. Twitter is one of the most influential social networks today – with over 5 million users and growing at a rate of 5-10,000 per day. This workshop will help you set up a profile and teach you how to use it effectively as a marketing tool.

Want to hear from Leslie and Janel? Amongst a lot of other great press, they were interviewed on NPR. Listen here!

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