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Your social media destiny? Perhaps it’s written in the superlatives.

The comfort level of my clients, when it comes to blogging for themselves or using social media, rides the scale. From, ‘You want me to do what?’ to ‘I’m addicted to Twitter’ to ‘I don’t like talking about myself’ to ‘I can’t stop talking about myself.’

And it got me thinking, not just about my clients, but about everybody. Who and how are these people in their lives, or even in their childhoods, and how does their ‘live’ life M.O. make the leap to their ‘online’ life?

I figure it can go one of several ways – and I’m looking at the extremes here (not at those that can take or leave social media).

For the folks who can’t get enough of the blog and the social networking:

  • They’re outgoing, social fiends in ‘live’ life and relish having even more outlets.
  • They’re terribly shy in ‘live’ life, but have tapped into this protected-behind-the-screen bravado.
  • They’re just averagely social, and thrive in the online ability to connect in a mostly non-agressive way.

For the folks who can’t get far enough away from the blog and the social networking:

  • They’re outgoing, social fiends in ‘live’ life and abhor the thought of souring good social interactions with a screen and keyboard.
  • They’re terribly shy in ‘live’ life, and as it turns out, in ‘online’ life too.
  • They’re just averagely social, and ‘live’ life is plenty.

In the end, I can’t possibly classify anyone…every single one of us is so unique and there are so many factors to consider that it could be nearly impossible to figure it out. Or not. Perhaps Forrester could, or already has?, taken a look at this phenomenon and they could tell us quite easily.

What I can do, and what I want to do, is listen to how this shows up for you. What is the connection between your ‘live’ life and your ‘online’ life?

The only hardcore evidence that I have right now, until you all tell me your own experience, history and attitude in the comments below, is that I’m one of the ones that can’t get enough of the blog and the social networking. And, in high school? I was voted biggest flirt.

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  • Jen Wilbur says:

    I certainly fall in to the first category! When I started working from home 4 years, that really stoked the fire. Being a consumer tech PR consultant in San Diego means I don’t get a chance much to go to the great networking conferences and events in NYC, LA & the Bay Area. Not only does SM give me a way to reap all those benefits from Sand Diego, but I’m meeting now friends along the way.

  • Julie Roads says:

    Jen – I totally agree with you on the ‘location’ issue. I’m stranded out here on an island! Ah…to be in a city where big networking events happen all the time. Thank goodness for social media!

  • I’m definitely a social creature, trapped on a small island(!). Social media has opened doors for me in ways that I could not have imagined. I am energized by the access I now have to all types of information, and exposure to people I would never have opportunity to meet under other circumstances.
    I am new to much of this, learning as I go along and keep meeting people who are willing to guide and encourage me.

  • Dan at Pan says:

    I was one of those weird amalgams of socially shy and outgoing – social media online helped me to cure the last of the weird shys out of my system.

  • Julie Roads says:

    See, Dan – when people tell us we’re nuts for spending our time in cyberspace, you are a prime example for how good this can be!

  • Julie Roads says:

    Kerry – I’m so honored to be one of those people! Since I know you personally, I can say that you are definitely one of those people that is social and outgoing in both places!

  • Amie says:

    I was just mulling this over today…

    In my day to day , in person interactions I am very outgoing and talkative. I believe this is because I love “live” interpersonal communication. I enjoy eye contact and body language – feedback.

    As a result I tend to be much more introverted in my online communication (with people I don’t know). I over analyze my words, trying to pack all my social skills into 140 characters.

    I am not nearly as comfortable with online interactions as I am with “live” interactions.

  • --Deb says:

    It’s one of the nice things of socializing from the far end of a computer keyboard … you can be as shy or as outgoing as you want to be. All at the same time!

  • Becky Pearce says:

    Interesting topic. I never thought social networking would be for me but in 2 wks I have become addicted to Twitter and Facebook. Just like Amie I tend to overthink every post. Plus, worry a lot about etiquette. I want to provide valuable info for others so there’s a give & take, but I have trouble deciding what others will be interested in. I tend to be the same way in “live” interaction. I spend so much time thinking about what I’m going to say I sometimes miss my opportunity. Hopefully social networking can help with that.

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