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Post Whatever Depression

By January 20, 2009January 21st, 2009Politics

Everyone’s thinking about beginnings today – but I can’t help think about endings.

You see, I suffer seriously from Post Whatever Depression.

It started in my childhood camp in Northern Minnesota – the single most amazing and influential event (ongoing as it was for 9 years) in my life. And every summer, the ending was so hard. Being home, without my friends, after that camp experience was unreal, surreal, heartbreaking.

It happens to me at the end of wedding weekends, vacations, TV series (you should have seen me post West Wing and Sex and the City).

And it’s made me understand so completely how actors fall in love on the set, and then how it falls apart when the movie’s complete. There is a magic in that intensive time…and it doesn’t translate. I always feel sad for actors (in love or not) when they wrap – because I realize it must be torturous to leave that experience – forever. Makes you understand sequels…and band reunions. And why some can make it happen again (how amazing) and some can not (how tragic).

So today, I’m thinking about George W. and Laura Bush. I’m glad they are no longer leading our country…but when I watched them whisked off in Marine One…

I know it’s what the pomp and circumstance dictate. I know they knew the end was coming. I hope they’re relieved and excited. But, that’s really something that they’re leaving. An intense period of time, being waited on hand and foot, people all around you that love and support you.

Will it just be them in the new house in Dallas? or on the Ranch? Will there only be one servant and two maids? I have no idea…but it’s going to be different. And, I can’t help but think that it might be a little sad, hard, traumatic.

So, I’m thanking them for their service (even though I literally abhored it)…and I’m feeling their pain (even if it only exists in my hyperactive imagination.)

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  • Joe Schmitt says:

    I feel the same way about @hotdogsladies leaving Twitter.

  • readergirl says:

    i totally hear you- i suffer the same, each ending suffered as a personal loss!
    the thing i find most stunning is the personal sacrifice of the obama’s at such a young age- they have forever surrendered privacy and being alone. that is a tremendous burden to accept.

  • Kevin says:

    Excellent perspective… I feel the same way about George W… Glad to see him go because I didn’t like his politics but know in that process that he’s a human being and we all experience the emotion that goes with changing some aspect of our lives…


  • Ron says:

    We must think alike as I had somewhat similar thoughts. As Barack was giving his speech I kept thinking about what was going through Bush’s mind, particularly when Barack was listing all the problems he now faced. This shows our sensitive side-thinking about the other person even if we do not agree with them or respect the job they have done.

  • We live in Central MN and have an 8 year old. The camp sounds wonderful. The thought of her being away from us for 4 weeks at this age is too much for me . . . but maybe in a few years.

  • Julie Roads says:

    I have to give a shout out here to ‘Ron’ above…that is my one and only – Dad. Seems a lot of us are having these thoughts today…

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