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You get to choose what happens next

Do you remember those books? You started reading and then came to a point where you could:

  1. Go up the ladder.
  2. Climb down the hole.

Whichever choice you picked offered new choices, and so on and so forth. It was exciting because one physical book actually contained several stories. The number of possible stories was ultimately fixed, however – let’s say limited to 50 different variations that you could take.

But, that was the 80’s.

Today, I open up Firefox and I start reading my daily feeds. That first post contains about 5 links, and it all begins. I click on a link, read that article which contains other links. The machine is set in motion and there is no way of knowing where it will take me, what I’ll find. And, there is no fixed number of stories. I suppose some MIT scholar could give us some idea…but it’s a big number. Huge, incomprehensible to the likes of me.

It speaks to me of potential and opportunity as a writer, as a speaker, as a consultant, as a person. It reminds me that the possibilities are endless and that I can create whatever I want in my work and in my life. Exactly the sentiment I’m riding as I burst into this new year.


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  • And she’s off to the races, and looking good through the stretch!
    Ok, not enough coffee or too much yesterday!
    I have always believed anything is possible especially when you are in control of your destiny/words/reading/writing etc…
    Always looking to the good and always believing the best of everything and everyone, for as long as I can hang onto that.
    For several years when my short people (my 3 precious children) were younger there was a standard set of “words” I would say to them as they left the house:
    Setting, racing out the door, putting on coats,shoes,brushing hair or teeth
    “Mommy loves you to the moon and back again”
    “Always look to the good”
    “Always do what you know to be right”
    “Love you all”
    and screaming as they ran down the driveway (very long)
    “I love you “…
    ok,tears, and more tears…
    Time, oh so precious!

  • JR Moreau says:

    My theme for 2009 is deconstruction of my yin and an obsessive build up of my yang. In other words, gearing down on my 9-5 and making the transition to my freelance business full time. 2008 was about deciding that doing such a thing was worth it. I truly learned.

    I wish you well in your 2009.

  • Susan Gibbs says:

    You are so inspiring, J. When I’m feeling low I know that reading your blog will give me the kind of direction I need.
    Happy New Year!

  • I’m always so surprised when people so firmly say ‘I can’t.’ Can’t change, can’t do the job I love, can’t do it. And there’s no flexibility, no possibility. The life you lead when you engage in the world of possibility is incredible. I love it!

  • Danny Brown says:

    That’s the beauty of an open mind and a willingness to learn and teach at the same time – we’re only restricted by our imagination and instincts to stay on the beaten track.

    It’s a big wide world out there but it’s smaller when you have your eyes open and your hiking boots on. ;-)

  • Ann Davis says:

    You know where my mind is headed for 2009. I just realized that the best first step I can take to realizing my dreams is to check in at WritingRoads every single day–more than once a day (LOTS more)–when I can. Thank you for reminding me that ANYTHING is possible!

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