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The best darn poets…

By December 23, 2008News

What started as a gift to all of you, quickly became a gift to me…your incredible poems, your spreading the word, the kind things you said about me (even if they were inspired by your desire to win), the gifts and prizes that you offered…

I just can’t thank you all enough – readers, writers, prize givers, Twitterers, Facebookers…members of my very much loved community.

There were 50 entries! And 10 prizes (2 from me as the grand prize) offered…truly amazing.

You are all winners, and you all win my love and affection. Picking actual prize winners was VERY hard (it’s taken me 5 hours – yes, I have issues), but here they are, starting with the last prize offered and working up to the popcorn popper & Writing Roads Blog feature from me:

1. Best Blessing Counter: Ron Miller (because he knows what’s important…)

Prize: Cindy Hartman‘s inventory consult!

2. Best MomForce poem: Deb on the Rocks (because she’s really feeling the MomForce!!!)

Prize: A spot in Jessica Smith‘s Inner Circle!

3. Most photogenic poem: Sid Parham (because he wove in the most incredible Twitter snapshots)

Prize: Gorgeous Lanny McDowell print!

4. Most unrealized poem: Annette Fix (because she thinks she can’t, but I know she can…and she did show up!)

Prize: J.Sewell Perkins coaching consult!

5. Most foodalicious poem: Turtle (you had me at ‘dipped in heavy cream’)

Prize: Carol McManus‘s Table Talk Cookbook!

6. Most spiritual poem: Dyana Valentine (because divining rods and social media inspiration are right up my alley – and I know what it feels like to wake up like that and rush to the computer!)

Prize: TarotByArwen reading!

7. Most busy, time-starved poem: Susan Gibbs (seriously, who only has time for that measly little poem? Sheesh!)

Prize: Virtual assisting by TraceyTarrant!

8. Most Feminist poem: Gwen Bell (Um, hello? Anything ‘Madonna’ had to win this category.)

Prize: Debra Snider‘s novel, A Merger of Equals

9. Absolute BEST poem: Ann Davis (Sister, you win because that poem is a true journey from blah to WOW – that you followed your inspiration and found happiness thrills me to the bone. That writing was part of the trail lights me on fire. Not to mention your wish to spread love and goodness everywhere…)

Prize: The BEST popcorn popper EVER and a feature on this blog loaded with tons of social media love.

I will do my very best to get the winner’s names to the prize-givers, but there are links abound on this page – so feel free to nudge each other. Winners – you will receive your prize directly from the givers…not from me!

Thank YOU! Happy holidays and humongous blessings for a new year filled with abundance, peace, safety, laughter, kindness…and the written word.

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