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Your Internet-Reality Dictionary

By October 8, 2008October 10th, 2008Blogging, How To, Networking, The Business

One of the kings of social media, Chris Brogan, has just published a brilliant article about people in the real world.

He talks about how those of us who live in this web world need to remember that the majority of the people we interact with offline aren’t online. And/but that fact should not deter us from sharing the internet with them.

These two points define my business. Personally, because when I leave you all, my daily achievements online aren’t all that translatable. Professionally, because my clients often look at me with fear, confusion or a blank stare when I mention words like blog, online social media and site traffic.

The key, Chris points out, is to explore the internet with these clients from their La-Z-Boy recliners, in other words, where they’re most comfortable. He gives some great examples that I’m going to expand upon. The point is that we, as internet marketing people, can show these reality-based folk that they already have the tools and resources – we’re just going to repurpose them. Think of this as your Internet-Reality Dictionary.

What you have: Real WorldWhat you could have: Web World

Newsletter                                             Blog

Networking Groups                            Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Mailings (via the USPS)                    Email marketing/communication

Staff writers                                         Bloggers

Industry Experts                                 Bloggers

Radio and TV ads                               Viral video, vlogs, podcasts

Loud Speaker                                       Email & Blog

Print product surveys                        Online product surveys

Marketing Department                     Online Marketing Department

PR Director                                          Director of Community Development

Phone help center                              Company Wiki

Additions from readers:

Chris Ramsay: Water Cooler Gossip = Facebook, Twitter, IM’s, etc.

Deb: Phone calls = IMs

Research Library = Wikipedia/Google

Typewriter = Laptop

Endless meetings = Thank heaven, no parallel!


Endless meetings = Endless Web Ex and endless Skype – thank heavens for backside chat.


Happy Hour = Tweetup
Product Demo or Seminar = Webinar


Is it just me or does the internet pile look like the real pile on steroids. Its a no-brainer and it will take your business outreach global, quickly.

Chris asks us to be the people to share the internet and all that it has to offer. You are on, Chris – one of my favorite things to do.

I’d love to add your additions to the dictionary…bring ’em on!

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