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the importance of having promotional materials at the ready

By October 17, 2008How To, The Business

What if Dell announced their amazing new laptop computers, got people highly excited, but then, when we all said, ‘So let’s see it!’ They said, ‘Okay, hold on a sec, we have to build them first…’

Not good, right? Perhaps you’d even walk away and head over to Apple because their computers were ready and available for viewing and purchase. (Amongst other reasons. Sorry , couldn’t help that, it just slipped out.)

So, that’s an extreme example, but I like to make a point.

And here’s my tip for the day (stretch on over here with me, if you will). As a marketer, business owner, freelancer, product pusher, service seller or whatever you are: before you start making calls to people about your product, you must have your promo package in place:

  • Standard copy (one page and one paragraph)
  • photos, logos, images
  • press releases
  • links, urls
  • live, working web sites, blogs, pages
  • print collateral (biz cards, brochures, etc.)
  • partner info (if you have any)

As a matter of course, if you have these things ready, you can send them instantly to waiting prospects who won’t have time to look at your competitors because you’ll be right there in front of them. Being prepared ensures that the time – from the moment you make contact to the moment you deliver the goods – is only a matter of seconds. And timing is ever so often the factor that closes the deal.

But, really. Doesn’t this apply to most aspects of our professional lives?

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  • Ali R Khan says:

    And if you have many products, a Formatted, Updated quotation is very necessary to attach with your offer…

  • As a woman (with my 2 daughters) who writes product reviews for products for the entire family on my website, Mom Generations, I need to be organized at all times. I love to hear from business owners and product pushers and marketing and PR firms… and the more ready and organized they are, the more quickly I can leap into action in trying out their products and getting the information to print, so to speak.

    Your tips are right on target!

  • Julie Roads says:

    Thanks, Sharon! How’s that for direct validation!

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