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see what i mean? with web 2.0, anyone can spread a message

By August 6, 2008Marketing, News

So, when I wrote that post yesterday about presidents (past and future) and Web 2.0, I typed and then deleted a line about the fact that even Paris Hilton and her mom, who denounced McCain’s ad comparing Obama to her daughter – that even they could have their voices heard by the masses because of Web 2.0. And, then Paris goes ahead and does this:

 Not only is it well-done and cheeky as hell, it has also been syndicated and spread across the internet and media world.  And, it didn’t have to be Paris. Anyone could have dressed up as Paris, produced the same video and it would have taken off.

Advice for the day: go video. Some people, I’m not mentioning any names, are..well…lackadaisical and would rather watch than read. If you can add humor, do it. Go for ‘man bites dog’…if you know what I mean.

Sidenote: I just read a wonderful article in the NY Times that supported many of the points I made yesterday…maybe I should turn this into a political blog? Naahhhhhh….

Tomorrow we’ll look at a real person, not Paris, who makes video work for their business…

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  • --Deb says:

    I saw that video on the Today Show before I left for work this morning, and it’s brilliant. I’m not generally a fan of Paris Hilton (famous for being famous with no apparent talent?), and yet, that rebuttal?


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