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the portfolio: case studies

Case studies are a superb way to showcase your work – whether you’re a copywriter, graphic designer, interior decorator, architect, chef or beyond. Not only do case studies allow you to describe your range and ability to work with different types of clients and situations, you also get to illustrate your process – giving people a glimpse into what it would be like to work with you, how you problem solve, what your creative practices are, the mediums you use, who your partners are and how you work with them.

Some people prefer to use case studies in lieu of a portfolio – picking a few choice clients and/or projects and displaying a definitive cross section of their work. Either way, used traditionally or creatively, case studies are a powerful tool and can include:

  • Pictures of the work in process, blueprints, sketches, etc.
  • Pictures of the artist in action
  • Final photos or final pieces
  • Pictures of the artist collaborating with the project’s team
  • A summary or picture of the client’s request or the project’s original quandary
  • Steps taken to find a solution, ie. the process
  • Project partners, bios and collaboration notes
  • Testimonials from clients and the partners
  • Updates on projects in progress
  • Updates on project outcomes after the project has completed
  • Future plans for new work or additions to the project

Portfolio or Case Studies? or both? What do you use, how and why? I’ll post links to stellar examples.

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