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how much do freelance copywriters charge?

This is a follow-up to my recent post about handling the money side of the business. I addressed how to charge (by the hour or project), when to charge (deposits, etc.) and other such things. I did not list any rates, but since that post, many inquiries have come in looking for the numbers.

I didn’t post them because I can’t accurately answer that question.

1. Different copywriters charge different amounts. I’ve heard tell that you can hire some people to do a website for $300 (oy vey) and there are some big wigs that charge $10-20K for one sales letter (kudos to you)…of course, you’ll also find everything in between (including me).

2. I could have posted my own rates, but that would have been a terrible idea. While I have basic roundabout averages for what I charge, no two projects are the same. Consequently, I study each project separately and carefully – making sure that each proposal is custom and meets the needs of every individual client. To say all websites are $xx would be to short-change some people and ‘long-change’ others. (yes, I made that word up)

3. Posting rates and fees on the Internet can cause you mucho trouble down the road. Because the search engines cache, or save pages, someone is liable to find your old fee page and expect you to write their website for $1500 when, in fact, you now charge $3000. As our business, clientele, experience, expertise and skill-level increases, so do our rates.

4. Initial meetings with me are free and so are proposals. I welcome you to contact me and tell me about your project so that I can give you an accurate and current project fee. I believe that this is true for most freelancers.

5. If you’re scoping out the life of a freelancer and don’t know what to charge, email or call me. I would be more than happy to help you develop a fee schedule appropriate to your clients, your skill level and your niche. And, if I don’t know the answers for your particular situation, I’ll help you find the person that does.

Happy invoicing.

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  • Racquel Lyle says:

    great tip… I am also a freelancer and at first I don’t know anything about how to charge or give my rate, this article will help other who start their freelance job.

  • Jessie says:

    Good info. I used to find that I can charge more if i use “copywriter” instead of “freelance copywriter”.

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