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Recession? Just say NO.


This post is inspired by my belief that we are all in control of our destinies – that when I wanted a beautiful post and beam office in my backyard, I set my mind to it and was typing away inside its walls 3 weeks later. It is also inspired by Dr. Ivan Misner, the founder of BNI (Business Networking International) and a wildly successful business man, who is currently on a campaign (seriously, buttons and all) headlined by this statement: “I refuse to participate in a recession!”

My biggest frustration is that we aren’t actually in a recession, but it’s all that the media wants to discuss. They use their standby fear tactics to create panic in us lay people, and they create a pandemonious cycle of violence. It goes like this:

The Media: Makes the following overblown statements, ‘We are facing a terrible recession. No one will buy anything. Businesses will go bankrupt. Gas will increase to $20/gallon. You won’t even be able to afford rice.’

People: Panic and do what the media says instead of going along just fine with their lives. They believe we are in a recession. They stop buying things. Their businesses suffer. Gas prices do increase. No one goes near rice (why look when it is so expensive).

The Media: Is thrilled that now the things they said were happening are actually happening. So they say them again, times 30.

People: Panic and do more of what the media says. And on and on.

The reality is that if we, the people, just say no to the media and to the recession. If we keep moving along in our lives. If we feel good knowing that our businesses are growing. If we keep spending our money and enjoying life. (If we find an alternative to gasoline). We will be fine. I got three new clients yesterday because I believe in my business, my clients and their businesses. It’s about attitude and living your life. Not the one the media prescribes. It’s about staying positive.

Would you rather do business with someone moaning that times are tough. Or someone who is happy, positive and focusing on a productive future?

Recession? Nope. No recession here. Just blue skies and the sound of fast fingers on a busy keyboard.

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