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when writing is used for bad things

My Beautiful Mommy

Please tell me this is joke and that this book doesn’t really exist in the world.

This children’s book was written by a plastic surgeon, Michael Salzhauer, and here is its mission: to help kids deal with their mommy’s transformation due to plastic surgery.

Yes, I’m sure it is a shock when mommy comes home covered in bandages, when her breasts point to the sky and don’t move when you try to hug her, when she can’t show any emotion because of the botox pumped into her face, when she no longer looks like your mother.

Thank goodness mommy doesn’t need to find the words to explain it all away, now she can just shove this book at her kid.

Here’s an idea. Let’s tell women that aging is an incredible journey. That beauty is so much more than droopy boobs and wrinkles. That their worth increases with their life experience and everything they accomplish each day.

Let’s tell children that there is more to life than the way they look. That doing good and productive things in the world is what’s important. That there are people in this world who need food, clothes and shelter – and giving to them would be a worthy repository for their extra money.

Writers (and all people)! Use your words for good.

Thanks to Brett Blumenthal of for the heads up.

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