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good customer service (when it’s all so personal)

By April 29, 2008How To, The Business

man yelling into phone

This morning I attended a great networking event about customer service. A panel of both seasoned and seedling women business owners shared their experiences about how to make customer service work.  And the panel was moderated by Bonnie Marcus, an inspired business coach.

They all had wonderfully insightful things to say:

1. practice active listening

2. always find a solution – even if it can’t be the solution your client is looking for

3. acknowledge and validate your client’s experience

But, the one that is totally ‘stuck in my craw’ (if you can tell me what show that quote is from, I will make you brownies), was this one cccrrrraaaaazzzzzyyyyyyy word: DETACH.

I know! As writers, designers, small business owners, how do we not take things personally when criticism or dissatisfaction comes our way?  How do we step back and say to ourselves, “oh, she’s unhappy about word choice, but not with me.” That is so hard. For me, I am my words. This is my blood, sweat and tears (and my laughter, connection and joy).

I manage, somehow, because I have to. I act like an adult, I stand up for myself, I admit where I’m wrong, I problem solve – and I feel better for being a ‘big’ person. I get through it – I do everything I listed above – because everyone’s experience is real, and I’m human too, I get it. A wiffle ball bat and a big cushion for when that phone call is over…well, that helps too. 

How do you do it?  How do you detach so that you can provide professional and great customer service to your clients when there is a negative issue.

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