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Macs are Better.

By March 19, 2008Myth or Reality

I finally made the switch and word has it that this makes me smart. Apparently Apple users have a higher IQ than everyone else.

I love my little Macbook. It is so much better than my old Dell ever was. I’m navigating my way through, re-training myself in all of its ways, but it is as intuitive as they say. The biggest pain is trying to transfer my contacts and old mail (this was a bit of a storage system for me) from Outlook…I’m looking forward to it all being set so that I can close the lid of that mammoth PC monster forever.

I will say this: the single most wonderful thing about the Macbook in the eyes of this writer is that I can turn this machine on and off in a moment. When you have words churning in your brain that must get out on ‘paper’ immediately…waiting 5 minutes for your PC to load is infuriating and debilitating. My Macbook is heaven.

Here are some other perks I’ve relished so far:


  1. iWork 08 is amazing – templates and capabilities blow Microsoft Office out of the water.
  2. The UI (user interface) is a dream – simple, beautiful, supportive.
  3. The dashboard – how I love this! It’s four ‘got to find and open each of these apps separately on my PC’ in one simple little button: weather, time, calculator, calendar.
  4. Organization: I can have a bazillion apps open at once, and I can either see them all at once instantly or divide them into 4 get-able quadrants of my screen.
  5. The screen is so clear, so vivid – my eyes are thrilled.
  6. Size – small, light, friendly. Do you know how big my Dell laptop was? How heavy? The bag that I toted the thing around in was monstrous and awkward – it looked like it had been crafted in the 80’s.

If you are wavering, thinking about it, flirting with the idea – stop thinking and just be smart…go get a Mac.

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