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Starting Somewhere

By January 29, 2008How To

The blank page is what usually kills most of my clients and sends them scrambling for the phone begging me to do their writing for them. But, I enjoy the blank page, thoroughly – almost almost as much as I enjoy the full page, the completed project. Which brings me to my favorite activity of all – blog writing.  Because when I blog for clients, there is a continuous stream of empty and then completed pages, it’s fast, it’s fruitful, it’s practically victorious.

But my own blog? As a writer without a blog, I’ve been like a butcher without a taste for meat, a dog trainer without a dog, a rockstar without a microphone….don’t look at me like that – you know what I mean. Anyway, I’m just finally starting my blog today (after how many years?)…We all have to start somewhere. And now my page is no longer blank…

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