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The winner of the NOOKcolor

By January 8, 2011Blogging

First of all. I love each and every one of you, dearly. Thank you for the kind (and often feisty) words. (and thoughts if you didn’t put them down in a comment)

Second, but much more importantly, thank you to all who shared some pretty intense stories of being beaten down and then getting back up. You have no idea how much you inspired me. (And made me proud to have gotten up myself in this instance). Seriously, it takes chutzpah to do what you’ve all done. It also takes chutzpah to rehash it and share it with all of us.

I’m sorry that work took over and I was able to reply to each and every one of you…this was by NO means meant to send a message about your comment.

Third, and even more critically important. I used that random thing, and it said 22! I ignored myself and I counted only your comments and the 22nd beautiful, bold, brave, sparkling comment belonged to Le’Ann!

Congrats, LeAnn. This is well-deserved per your ‘standing up’ story. I know you’ll enjoy your NOOKcolor…(email me your mailing address and stuff and we’ll get you your NOOK!).

Image credit: And about that image up above. I typed ‘badassery’ into Creative Commons and that was the first thing that came up…so how could I not use it. I mean, come on! It’s comes from _chag

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